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  • dramedy

    I'm kind of a "drama" girl and now I want to take on a "dramedy." Can anyone think of any dramedies that came out in the last year?

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    They weren't from last year, but movies like As Good As It Gets, Shakespeare in Love, Bull Durham and Tin Cup come to mind.


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      Thanks Deus!!!


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        From last year... Sideways is probably the most prominent. I'd call Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a dramedy too, I guess. Finding Neverland as well.


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          Thanks much Keen


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            I don't think I'd call Finding Neverland a dramedy. It was a drama that gave out some laughs, but they were all "cutesy" laughs.

            Garden State
            Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
            In Good Company


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              Actually, you should be able to answer that question yourself.

              What movies did you see? Make a list.

              Make a list of all of the movies you saw in the cinema...
              Make a list of all of the movies you couldn't wait to see...

              Then trace those films back to their sources: how did they get to the screen? That will show you the path your story will need to take to get to the screen.

              - Bill


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                The danger about writing a "dramedy" is that, oftentimes, it means that the writer has created a script that's neither particularly funny nor dramatic.

                It can't be a halfway comedy and a halfway drama. It has to be high-quality comedy half the time and high-quality drama the other half.

                Not to say that it needs to be exactly half and half, but you know what I mean.


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                  I find that if it's not a schizoid production, that if 2 sides are integrated, one informing the other, in an organic whole, then you've got a pwerful piece of work on yr hands.
                  I thought Catch22 ( the book & movie) resonated for me because of the masterful way comedy & tragedy were played off each other.


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                    "Pieces Of April" is my fave dramedy of late, for the reasons that Frankclone stated. A really good dramedy will usually take my breath away, leave me thinking about it for days, and make me wish I wrote it. This film did all 3.

                    BTW, wouldn't "Pulp Fiction", while defying conventional genre-fication fall into the dramedy subset? Anyone?