I've done all of this, but what should I do before I start?



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    Read A Stack Of Scripts

    Ravenlocks & TonyRob give great advice.

    And try this (after you read that stack of scripts):

    Write a short with *no* dialogue. The actions tell the story.

    Your dialogue was expositional, because that's all you had - and even after the invention of talkies films are still visually told stories...

    They buy the film stock for some reason, you might as well use it. If you're all audio, why is it a movie?

    So think about the visual part. Often that's the part new writers forget about.

    - Bill


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      I agree about the "21 Days" book. It's simplistic, and you almost certainly won't get a GOOD script in 21 days, but it's a great way to crunch through a rough first draft and build up some momentum.

      I think once you've read a dozen or so scripts and read a couple of screenwriting books, you're ready to start writing. While you may read hundreds of scripts eventually (I have), you don't want to put the prep barrier so high that it keeps you from starting to put words on paper.

      Once you've got that first draft, get Linda Seger's "How to Make a Good Script Great." (She has several others, but this is my favorite.)

      Robert McKee's "Story" has some deep thinking (maybe TOO deep) as well as some useful stuff.

      Good luck! Sounds like you're on the right track.



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        Re: books

        Want to know how write a script in 21 days?

        Write 5 pages a day. The end.


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          Re: books


          My thoughts exactly.


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            Re: I've done all of this, but what should I do before I sta

            If you write 5 pages a day for 21 days, you may end up with a bunch of words on paper, but it won't necessarily be a script.

            You need to know something about story and structure and dialogue and stuff.

            I've read scripts by people who never read a book on the subject (or a pro script). It wasn't a pleasant experience for me, and I don't think it was a productive use of their time.



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              Re: I've done all of this, but what should I do before I sta

              Okay, assuming the writer knows something about dialogue, structure, story and stuff, the way to write a script in twenty-one days is to write five pages a day.