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  • Different genres?

    Do you write in different genres?

    My manager has suggested I pick a genre if I want to be considered for assignment work, but I like writing in different genres.

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    I tend to write in three related genres (at least in terms of tone): Horror, Supernatural Thriller and Psychological Thriller. My stuff is always dark, sometimes surreal and often deals with people who are mentally disturbed in some manner or the other.

    I don't do this on purpose as a way to attack the "market" or carve out a niche for myself or whatever. This just happens to be what I enjoy writing.


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      You know what they say, Jack of all trades master of none. Prove you are a master of one trade and once you have done that you can branch out and wow them with your diversity.


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        I write what I feel like writing. I'm very perceptive, and feel confident in most genres (with a few exceptions of course). I've written a couple family comedies, a rom com, sports drama, and I'm working on a character driven drama (dramedy maybe, haven't really decided) right now.


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          Sure, if you want to be a for-hire writer, and you enjoy and are talented enough to spend your career writing one certain kind of genre, then pick that genre and stick with it.


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            I agree with Deus... You really haven't mastered ONE genre until you've made a sale in it. Each has it's own quirks and quarks and I don't think any writer has the authority on their own to know when they've mastered anything... let alone everything...

            Stick to one, get to know it inside out and wow them with your dedication to the style of a certain genre. Make a sale... then explore other areas...

            That's not to say it isn't going to take four or five genres to get a feel for what it is that YOU want to write. But once you do find it, have fun with it.


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              Stephen King wrote once that after his first horror book, he came up with an idea for another, and his agent begged him NOT to write it. "You DON'T want to get pegged as a "HORROR" writer!" he pleaded.

              About 6 books later, King's next idea was non horror.

              His agent begged him NOT to write it...

              go figure.


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                Whatever genre I start out writing, it ends up an action/adventure. Those are the kinds of movies I like to watch.

                I used to think I wasn't a good action writer, so I avoided it. But I got better.


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                  The project I'm involved with now is a crime/mystery incorporating both fact and fiction, I also recently completed a Western and before that a Supernatural Horror set against World War Two.

                  I usually feel comfortable in most any genre as long as I complete the required research... hopefully leading to the ambiance of authenticity I am attempting to bring to the project!


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                    My first was a supernatural fantasy with a bit of rom/com, my second a supernatural thriller, my third a supernatural thriller. I think I am trying to perfect this particular genre, though the two ideas I'm working on now are different, kind of - one would be a sci fi/ supernatural time travel thriller, and one a family/supernatural thriller/horror. This second is hard to start, for fear that it would be too derivative of some of Stephen King's best.

                    I don't seem to want to write in any other genre.



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                      I think some genres just naturally go together, take for instance, a a dark drama or drama/thriller; I find myself writing more of this kinda stuff so I just stick with it.

                      I love to explore the complexities that abounds in everyday human life, the drama,the faith, and also the sinister and darker depths of the human mind as it sets about nulling whatever dodge balls gets thrown its way, or better still interacting with other like minded humans in a never ending battle of the wills, which unfortunately is our collective story.


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                        It's funny, because looking at the script I'm currently writing, and what my fifth script will be, I tend to want to write rom/coms and thrillers. Which are very different. But the common thread between them is that are all about an attraction between a man and a woman. Sometimes this attraction goes well (rom/com), and sometimes it goes badly (thriller).


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                          I think motivation can be a direct response...

                          as in what you write about, can lead to your next assignment. Probably what concerns your manager as he need to get paid

                          For Genres,(IMHFO)really it's hard enough to get my self motivated never the less to think i write in a box with no windows

                          Honestly i have no idea what genre i write and hope i never know. Seems to be the difference between being a reviewer and a writer


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                            don't be a jack of all trades. specialize