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    You guys should write documentaries. You seem to have an issue with the concept of "suspension of disbelief."


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      LOL Rave. I would have told him he was doing it ALL wrong.

      Deek, I don't think I have too hard a time suspending my disbelief. However, I do think that there are lazy writers out there, and rather than doing a bit of research (which may even end up in an even more compelling scene), the writers choose to make crap up. That kind of thing takes me out of the story, and makes it difficult for me to get back in.

      However, I do see your point, as well. Because, sometimes the truth isn't that compelling. But, in these instances (as Gob on AD would say) :

      "Come ON!"


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        You can also you "Hollywood myths" to your advantage. "The Sixth Sense" worked, in part, because we have seen Bruce Willis shot a million times in movies before and it never kills him. To have him killed from one bullet seems unbelievable in a movie.


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          Angrily staring at the receiver,
          I hate that too - at least now with cell phones there's something to stare at.

          Also - When characters watch a news broadcast of a crime they've just committed, and turn off halfway through.



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            about: knocking people out with one punch or killing someone with one bullet.

            These are definite possibilities, a rabbit punch could easy knock someone out, also a good blow to the back of the head could do the same.

            shooting someone, yeah you could easy kill someone if you hit a major artery, the brain, or heart. Even without a gun a someone familiar with knowledge of anatomy and good fighting skills could hit your artery with their fist and pop it. You might not die instantly, but probably in the next few minutes. (like in Hannibal)

            In movies we are to believe that these people are killers, people trained to kill. Now i don't think they could pull your heart out and show it to you before you died(even though Exorcist 3 has a great take on it), but it is very believable(at least to me)that someone with the right training could kill the average person very easily.


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              Anything's possible.

              However, the way they are done in most movies makes it improbable.