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    Re: A testamonial

    Thank you. I feel good about it.


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      I believe that the point of the matter is that one who aspires to writing as a career or a serious avocation and who suffers from procrastination must try to determine why and learn to overcome the problem.

      Shoot from the hip comments like, "If you canâ€TMt do it, do something else," do nothing to help anyone. Yes, there are many who would like to be writers but who have not the perseverence to be one, but what if Hemmingway had decided to give up after a single drunken episode of lethargy?

      No one would care for whom the damned bell tolls.


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        I think his point is if you spent 12 hours a day every day for 7 days a week 52 weeks a year writing you won't experience life or anything that could help you with your story.

        Sometimes you need to steep.

        I don't get these people who take a year off at a time.

        But a week or so in between projects while you take time to read never hurt anyone.
        It lets your subconscious work on the story while you finally have time to read.


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          I really donâ€TMt get writers caught up in all this nonsense. Like the guy afraid to write for fear ruining the idea. Thatâ€TMs not a writer, thatâ€TMs a coward.

          Writing is hard work. Stop talking about it, sit down and do the work.

          If you canâ€TMt do it, do something else.


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            Ive never been tempted to print out a post on any forum before this one.


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              You might want to read Kay Redfield Jamison's "Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament." Not about screenwriters, but something you might find interesting.

              I thought I was odd because I wanted to do so much "research" that wasn't really research, such as watching everything I could find that was along the same lines of what I wanted to write so that I could see what had been done before. I thought of research more along the lines of "what flights connect from Chicago's airport so that my protagonist can actually fly to the place I want him to" instead of so much absorbing and mulling.