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  • Characters names in action (Screenplays)

    Are the characters names in the action always in CAP or is it in CAP when they were first introduced. Some please help ASAP.

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    Most of the time, screenplays would CAP the first time a character with a speaking role is introduced. Your mileage may vary.

    Now I don't like to capitalize when someone like a waiter says "What can I get you?" and that's all that the waiter says. But that's me.


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      While it doesn't really matter either way, I'd cap any time a new character appears in a scene, even if they're just 'Farmer #2' or 'Angry Rioter', partly because it makes you aware of how big your final cast list will be and how you could eventually trim it.


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        CAP them the first time they appear in the script and then I suggest you only cap them again only for emphasis.


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          Thank you all for answering my post, but what if the character first apperance is a speaking role. What do you do then.


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            I put a description line before the character speaks.

            A FARMER walks up to the microphone.

            Then give the line of dialog.


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              but what if the character first apperance is a speaking role. What do you do then.

              You mean something like:

              Mike draws back his fist, ready to mash Bill's face.

              FRED (O.S.)
              I wouldn't be doing that if I were you, sonny boy.

              Mike looks back over his shoulder and sees FRED, an ox of a man whose bulk fills the entire doorway.

              Not unless you want to lose your teeth.

              ...Since we haven't met Fred before he speaks, I used O.S. -- off screen but in the same location. But if you're not sure then use the plainer version -- introduce FRED before he speaks.

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                Yes exactly like that, would CAP the name or not.