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    I a love writing but am not sure how to get involved w/it as a career. I'm in college and have taken and am taking classes to better my writing skills, but since I live in a small town it is tough. However, I do belong to an organization that can possibly help me NALIP. Any advice would be a help. Also, should I live in NY or LA?

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    There are many old threads in this forum and others that will begin to answer your questions.

    Welcome and good luck.


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      LA is best. Baton Rouge or New Orleans is probably the best choice.


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        standard advice: read a big stack of scripts.

        I grew up far away from LA in many ways, and learned how to write scripts before there were screenwriting books, before there was an internet, before every community college had a screenwriting class. I bought mail order screenplays, read them, read anything that had to do with films and film making (oh, there really weren't many entertainment mags back then, either - Premiere and Entertainment Weekly didn't exist) and I *studied* films instead of just watching them.

        You have a bunch of advantages I didn't have, including this website. So get to work! We're here to answer questions (but I always think it's a good idea to try to figure out the answers on your own - often thinking through the question helps you understand the answer more than just having someone tell you.). Anyway, good luck.

        - Bill


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          Here I must thank you again Bill

          You are trying to do something for aspiring screenwriters what you didn't get during in our age yeah? because you know this sense...

          Thank you...