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  • The yawning gulf

    Just stumbled across an interview with Terry Pratchett on the radio, actually more of a speech he made at a Discworld convention.

    He said (and this is not a direct quote, I'm relying on memory here) that he starts a new book on the day he finishes the old one. This is partly out of force of habit, and the desire for a paycheck... but also partly out of fear of the yawning gulf between books.

    Anyone else fear the yawning gulf?

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    When I was a full-time novelist, I'd finish a book one day, then start a new one the next. I got the idea from Iris Murdoch. Especially when I was young and starting out, I figured that even if what I was doing didn't turn into a successful novel I'd be working on my chops and just getting better at it.


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      Story I heard from a writing group colleague who was at a seminar which Pterry attended, everyone at the breakfast table was talking about how important it is to write every day and keep the momentum going, 2,000 words was settled upon as the ideal target, Terry arrived and said he'd done his 2,000 words already, the rest of the day was his and off he went.

      I'd give anything to be able to finish a book...

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        I always have more than one thing going at a time, so the yawning gulf doesn't threaten me so much. However, I tend to have Wonder Boys-style completion problems, so maybe I'm not the best person to offer advice about writing methods.


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          Here's what I do: I find an obscure movie that I'm pretty sure no one will have ever heard of. Then I transcript the movie, change the names, and claim it as my own work.

          It's pretty quick. Takes me about three days to write a movie from concept to fade out.


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            Sh!t, whistle, I've been doing that for years.

            The grat Roman poet Horace once wrote the immortal words: "Nulla dies sine linea".

            Loosely translated, it means: "Write every day.":smokin


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              I never leave home without it... 2 pens and a little paper pad.

              I used to leave with only one pen, but the day came when I ran out of ink and... I panicked!

              A little pad is always less intimidating than a regular notebook. Daily I rush to it with amazing ideas... which I expand a little on the spot, so when I'm back home I've got plenty to work from.

              BTW, I never yawn out of boredom. Out of sleep, yes.

              Boredom? What's that? Get busy dude! :lol