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  • Unintentional brilliance

    Ever been writing a story/script, and at some point during the end of the second act or the third act, you craft a scene...and maybe you just put something small in there...some element of the scene that seems not so important, but for some reason, seems to just "fit." And, you later realize as you read the script in its entirety, that what seemed somewhat inconsequential actually added an amazing piece of dramatic/comedic irony, or tied up a loose end from Act I or whatever, and you're left thinking, "Damn! That's brilliant! I kick all ass!"

    Anyone know what I'm talking about?

    It has little to do with improperly outlining the story to begin with...it's not that you "left something out" originally...it's just something that occurs as you are writing the scene, and it just "feels right" or "natural" to put it in there, and you don't really give it too much analysis/thought, but it turns out to be really great and adds that little extra asskicking "oomph," however small the addition was, that part of your story needed?

    Am I making any sense?


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    That's why good stories are an organic thing. they grow and pop buds at the most amazing times. It pays to just go with it.

    They're also kind of an orgasmic thing, but I need to get out more..


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      if you haven't experienced this feeling yet, you're in trouble. the more i write, the more i say, 'you got it kid. you got it.'

      you got it kid! you got it.



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        Something like that happened recently. At one point I had my most dopey character sitting on a completely snow buried car like guys sit on parked cars and hanging out with his ghetto neighborhood buddies.
        Later as the story winds down at the end, he is out there on the street asking his buddies which one of them was going to let him crash at their place that night.
        I thought he seemed the kind of guy that would do that instead of having a home he felt comfortable in. He went from place to place instead.
        But none of them answered him and I wondered what I would have him do.
        Then it hit me.....the car!
        Since noone offered him a place to crash, I had him tell them to help him dig out his wheels...and there it was... a brand new expensive car where I expected an old rusty hoopdee.
        He was a kid from the suburbs slumming for the thrills and I never knew it! I gave him some slang-free lines, a little attitude and pushed the twist.
        Putting the car there in the first place did it. It wasn't planned; at least not consciously.

        Definitely the most satisfying part of writing a script to me is when things wind down and elements of what went before reverberate back like they have a will of their own. Of course it can get out of hand as it has done with my stuff. You can go overboard with reverberation.


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          Re: unintentional

          This is the intended result of free association writing.


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            Re: unintentional

            Oh, sorry. I thought this thread was about me. Carry on.


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              Re:Organic Scripts?

              I didn't know scripts were organic and sprouted buds!

              I'm going to immediately plant that "stink weed" of a script I wrote over the Summer... and if I'm lucky it will sprout back up as a "rose" next spring!:lol

              Man... why did my friends keep this knowledge from me all these years... scoundrels!:rollin


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                That happens often with me - I discover something while writing that doesn't seem important when I type it, but later seems like the key to the whole danged script. I think my subconscious is a much better writing than I am.

                - Bill


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                  Re: Re:Organic Scripts?

                  Amen to that, Bill... |I


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                    Sometimes I'll go back to something I've written and can't believe it actually came from me.


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                      I made an allegorical blog entry to annoy someone I knew, and now it has grown into a book project. It just may be the best thing I've written to date, too. I posted it, then let it go, but it wouldn't let me go. I woke up in the night more than once with an insight that deepened the whole project, and it has been improved as if by magic; the thing is, it simply would not die. It insisted that I work on it till I had something real. That's very satisfying.

                      More So When It's Done, Of Course