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    Re: great script

    Awesome would include marketability, a script that interests A-list actors, directors. Has commercial potential. Would sell well overseas.



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      awesome dude

      Without the subjective saleability, you really only hold a piece of art open for interpretation for the few who would take the time to read something a foreign as a script... and then...??

      Many a fine artist or writer were not appreciated until well after death.

      Therefore, your question cannot be answered by you, only by those who are decision makers on the other side of the market you want to reach.

      Which is why Bill M's answer is exactly correct. Good news is that people who actually like you will applaud your efforts even more.


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        Re: awesome dude

        when your script places in contests. when others read it and really like it. when people call you out of the blue and say, hey, so and so passed your script to me, can we talk.

        wow, you're voice is incredible. i can see the entire movie. i cried. i laughed. i was angry.

        when you spent two years and fifty hours a week on your charactters and story and it reads without hitch.



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          Re: awesome dude

          High art is something that supersedes the conscious intent of the artist.

          When that happens. You'll know it.

          Theory being.

          Winter in New York