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  • Another nice review, different script - I LIVE

    Reviewer: janice253
    Overall Stars: ***
    Premise: Excellent
    Story: Excellent
    Characterization: Excellent
    Dialogue: Excellent
    First the bad part, there are some serious formatting errors which can easily be remedied: The font MUST be courier 12 pt, all pages MUST be numbered, there is no need to repeat a scene heading for the same scene (EXT. SPACE first page), NEVER start a scene at the bottom of the page (first page) NEVER end a page with a characters name with the dialogue on the following page (Marriet on the third page). It's a good idea to read as many scripts as you can and try to emulate the formatting style.

    Now the good part.
    I LIVE, WHAT A GREAT STORY!! The gripping pace, the wonderful rhythm, the fabulous characters practically jumped off the page and grabbed me, the dialogue is oustanding, I really couldn't put this down. I loved the inter-action between Gimpo and Jesse; the ideal foils. The aliens Jesuz, Jason and Michael are perfect. But for me, the chemistry between Peter and Carolyn is compelling, the two could head an inter-galactic cop show on their own. Their relationship is exactly as it should be, not wanting to give too much away, the little twist re Carolyn; inspired. The whole thing puts Men in Black deeply in the shade and I sincerely hope it gets picked up.

    Now, I'm going to treat myself and read it again.

    Excellent stuff!!

    Kind regards,
    Janice Sampson

    Still a lot of the same things you guys said first, but I'm glad SOMEONE is liking them. They need rewrites I know, but it's good to know they (I LIVE & X-STREAM) WEREN'T as bad as you all made out. And I guess she's talking about the fact that it was uploaded in rtf which leaves out page number (unless you remember to put them in - my bad)

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    okay, I just gotta ask this.... why would you post a good review you got on some script you wrote with a 'see, look! It's not as bad as you said!' I mean, is this elementary school? No. So what is the point of this.

    Just keep writing and keep improving your writing and if you think people are trashing your script or not giving you fair input, then don't bother with them anymore. But posting a review, when it got two stars no less, and saying 'see!' is a bit juvenille, no?

    I don't even know you, just of you, and I've never formed an opinion until this post. I understand the need for approval and wanting people to like your stuff. I really do. But the best road to take is to focus on IMPROVING your writing and not focus on everyone else's opinion of it but on your opinion of it when you compare it to work that you think is excellent. That's the truest judge of all, no matter what anyone says, because in the end, you know what you think of your own work, and needing others to tell you it's good is really a sign that are insecure about it. Think about that.

    I know a lot of people think it's important to get input, but there's a point where you just have to read your own stuff and decide how you feel about it. After all, stephen king got tons of rejections and lots of people thought his stuff was sick and bad, but look at him today. His following is unreal, and he's written some excellent movies to boot.

    Don't waste your energy proving yourself to others or seeking approval from them. Spend it improving so that it doesn't matter what others think, so that when you are done with a script, you can hold it up to work that you think is great and you can say you match that.

    Of course, hopefully the stuff you choose to compare your work to isn't crap. But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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      As much as it helps, I no longer worry about the critiques here. It's all a learning tool for correction and getting better. But these little reviews make me smile, and I just like sharing them.

      My conserns are only for those that can get my scripts made. It is not a boasting thing or anything other than just what it is... someone liked it.

      And improving is all I do lately. Writing and rewriting is like a daily thing now, so I guess I have to have some kind of fun. Believe me, it's not about approval. I'm way beyond that. After all the razzing I've had, it's just neat to see someone liking something. That's all.

      ...and yeah, I'm a writer, so I guess I do have a few of those insecurities... but I'll get over it.