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  • thoughts about questions.....

    Last year I took some time off from writing and just thought about my script outline and the characters, and didn't worry about the biz or think about anything other than my story, and even then I didn't do that very often as I had other things going on. Well, when I finally did start writing it, it was as if I had a whole new perspective. I was doing it primarily because the story was fun to write and I really loved the characters and wanted to tell the story. For me, it's fun!

    Well, I came here and scanned the boards and pondered many of the questions and how those questions used to seem so very important... how it seemed that I must know whether I can use 'we see' or the hundred other topics that fall under the 'should I?' - 'can I?' - category.

    Now I look at those same questions with a very different perspective. I'm not sure what happened during my 'not officially writing' time or whether it's just because it's so much more about writing my story than thinking the use of 'we see' will keep my script from being bought or winning some contest. Anyway, I look at those question and I get it. None of it really matters. As long as you write a really good story and write it well, as long as you have strong characters and it's interesting, none of that other stuff matters. And I think that as long as you are stuck on the little stuff, and until you get comfortable with your story, that little stuff seems to just cause more insecurity about the whole thing. Now I keep my eye on the story and the rest of it is clear as day.

    just some thoughts I wanted to share.

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    Pretty much it...

    Make the day (and night) clear in your spite of the inclement weather.

    It's like driving your car on Santa Monica Boulevard (or any boulevard in LA, for that matter) - there are plenty of road signs and hidden cops and undercover agents and walking zombies and ill-intentioned bystanders to drive you nuts - but you roll along sheer instinct. :eek :lol :b :\ 8o :rolleyes


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      I am taking a class right now that is forcing me to look at all this stuff and I'm finding even though the discussions are interesting, focusing on all these innane rules and trying to do everything "right" is driving me crazy. I'd rather just write. I like your idea Matrixchick.


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        I find this in forums on writing novels where participants ask, "How did this writer make it big when they use too many adverbs?" or use too long a sentences, or abuse their commas, or something else.

        In the end I believe the simple answer is:

        It is better to have a great story with a lot of faults than to have a poor story perfectly written.

        It does not hurt to write the story as well as we can, but not to the point we lose sight of the importance of story.

        It is all about story.


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          Someone said it around here once, and I wish I could attribute this quote to the person that deserves it. If anyone knows, please post a link. I'm only paraphrasing here...

          We are all given music...the notes, chords, scales etc. But its up to the musician to put them together into a coherent framework that is pleasing to the ear. Within that framework you get Mozart and you get the Misfits.


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            I'm pretty sure that was Milli Vanilli.