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  • Writing a children's story on spec...

    Anyone have an idea how well children's stories do in the feature spec market? I'm thinking of writing one - sort of a Harry Potter/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory thing - but haven't heard whether they're a good idea to do on spec. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance. WHL

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    Obviously, there is a huge market for well conceived children's fare. However, it's been my observation that children's movies are quite often adapted from existing material (even moreso than adult/teen movies). That said, if you have a great story that is directed at that market, by all means get after it and good luck.


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      What do you lose by writing a spec in that genre? At best, it will sell. At worst, it won't but:

      1) You'll have a writing sample
      2) You'll have learned something about the craft
      3) You'll know whether you like the genre or not.

      The truth is that you'll need a good spec or two to break into the business (landing an agent, getting meetings). So go ahead. You have nothing to lose except time.


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        I'd write it. There's a good market for this type of film, so they'll at least have some interest in your spec (and should get it read - if they love it, who knows?).

        One thing to consider (a little) is that there is a *huge* direct to DVD market for kids films. I had a meeting with a company a while back that makes high concept kid/animal movies for a major studios home video division. That may be a market you hadn't considered.

        I'd also remember that any time a kid sees a film, there's probably an adult sitting next to them - so make sure that adult is going to be entertained, too. HARRY POTTER and WILLIE WONKA both are fantasy stories that adults can get into (the kid part of us). The audience for the HARRY POTTER films isn't just kids, I'll bet there are more adults in the audience than kids. So write for the kid in all of us.

        - Bill


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          The audience for the HARRY POTTER films isn't just kids, I'll bet there are more adults in the audience than kids. So write for the kid in all of us.
          Good advice. I was in Tower Records the other day and stopped at an overhead TV showing The Wizard of Oz. My mouth hung open just like it did about twenty seven years ago.


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            there's a huge market for PG and PG-13 flicks - they allow the largest viewing audience and dominate the top ten money making movies every single year.

            write on!


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              Thanks Bill and everyone else for your comments. I'll definitely plow ahead with the project now! - WHL


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                what do u think of animated features? it's a huge market and it makes much money ( shrek 2, the highest grossing animated mvie of all time....not to mention nemo..).


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                  i think i read on this board that fantasy family is a huge market. maybe not for the big screen but there are so many stations and oxygen, lifetime kids channels that this market is huge.