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    I would actually put Man vs. Society in with Man vs. Man. not Man vs. Nature, since society is made up of people, not trees. It's the people that are bugging Travis Bickle (spelling?).


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      I can see the logic behind what you said.

      Man vs. Man is an interpersonal form of relationship which is that which is a relationship between persons or between people.

      It would seem reasonable that this would include man vs. society.

      But if you look more closely you see that it does not refer to a relations between a person and a group of people, but rather to the relationship between a man and the individuals that comprise the group.

      It's because of this that I doubt man vs. society belongs in the man vs. man category because man vs. society does not imply a relationship with the individuals that make up society but to society as a whole which does not permit an inter personal relationship.

      Man vs. nature is an extra personal relationship which means it exists outside of or beyond that or a man's ability to have a "personal" relationship with it. Personal being defined as a relationship between individuals. So if an extra personal relationship exists beyond a man's ability to have a "personal" relationship with an individual it would seem to me to be more reasonable that man vs. society would fall into this category.

      Society IMHO is as much a force as wind or rain that can be represented by clouds or individual people but these representations do not create or direct the force, they are merely manifestations of it.

      1984 and Brazil are a man vs. society stories that I would classify as man vs. nature because the conflict isn't created by an individaul in the society but rather by society as a whole.

      But I could also be full of sh!t.