Can "Storytelling" be taught?



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    Hi Derek,

    I include myself in this category, of course.



    PS Greyghost is right. I should have said most fiction writers are not realists. I didn't say all writers weren't realists. Just most of them. Some do climb out of the mire to become amazingly brilliant story tellers. Some people do overcome the most incredible hardships in their lives and I don't put them down because I have been there myself, mate. So loosen up Mr G, take off your tie, and pour yourself a large glass of Shiraz.8)


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      Yes it can be taught!

      Anything can be taught.

      Learn the basics of structure. Watch great movies to learn about great characters. And read scripts from great movies.


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        The Skeleton can be taught, puting the flesh and making it come alive is from hard, hard work. And you must find your own way through it.


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          getting drunk as directed

          Keith, I have loosened the noose from my neck tied to the chandelier and stepped down off the chair to raise a glass of Jack Daniels (straight up) also smoking a (cheap) cigar. Cheers!


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            Professional Aptitude

            Can "Storytelling" be taught?
            Answer: Sure.
            Can anyone be taught to be a professional "Screenwriter"?
            Answer: Not a chance.

            Storytelling and screenwriting can be taught just like tennis, math, poker, painting, or just about anything. But, to be good enough to make any discipline your job takes a professional aptitude, with some luck thown in.

            The mechanics of Storytelling and Screenwriting are separate disciplines. Some people can come up with cool stories but can't put them in a script format. Others can write screenwriters but cannot have an original idea. Some can only write comedies; others, only adventures. That's why you find "Story by:" & "Written by:" are often different people. Some of us can do both. The lucky ones can do both, direct, produce, and act.


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              getting drunk

              Thanks Greyghost,

              I knew my dry sense of humour would get through sooner or later. I'm not sure I like you hanging around the way you describe: What would your mother and father say, and your friends, 'specially those on this board? Also, smoking is bad for your health - don't do it!
              Incidentally, Jack Daniels just happens to be my favourite tipple (straight, of course). I never drink it from the glass myself; no time for formalities like that. I raise my bottle to you, old son, for your obvious good taste.



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                i don't get the question. of course you can teach storytelling. what a dumb question. did you mean to ask something else?



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                  if you believe you have to be born a story teller to be good at it, then don't even try to write unless you write a masterpiece your first time.

                  you HAVE to believe that you can become a good and better story teller than you currently are and work on it. You CAN learn it and it can be partially taught. But it really comes down to you. You have to understand what makes a good story and practice it. The only things someone can teach you are what you would find in a 'how to write a screenplay' book which is very useful, but it's not like a math book.

                  In math, 2 + 2 is always 4. In screenwriting, you have to make up all those numbers and make them add up in the end.