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    Does anybody know of any good places to find examples of strong narrative short film? I've been looking, but the majority of the shorts I'm finding are non-linear and/or plotless gimmick pieces. I'm not saying they're bad. They're just not what I'm looking for.


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    Here's some shorts worth tracking down.

    Amblin, 1968, 24 min
    D: Steven Spielberg

    And You Act Liek One, Too, 1976, 24 min
    D: Susan Seidelman

    Board and Care, 1980, 27 min
    W/D: Ron Ellis

    Leon's Case, 1982, 25 min
    W: Raymond Hartung
    D: DanielAttias

    The Lottery, 1969, 18 min
    W: Shirley Jackson (short story)
    W/D: Larry Yust

    Les Mistons (The Brats or The Mischeif Maker), 1957, 18 min
    W: Maurice Pons (short story)
    W/D: Francois Truffaut

    An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, 1962, 27 min
    W: Ambrose Bierce (short story)
    w/D: Robert Enrico

    The Reserection of Broncho Billy, 1970, 21 min
    W: John Carpenter, Nick Castle, Trace Johnston, John Longenecker and James Rokos.
    D: James Rokos.

    Snowbound, 1977, 32 min (some versions 50 min)
    W: Harry Mazer (novel)
    w: Edward Pomerantz and Kurt Villadsen
    D: Robert M. Young

    Strange Fruit, 1978, 32 min
    W: Lillian Smith (novel)
    W: Stephen Katz
    D: Seth Pinsker

    Dwaj Ludzie Z Szafa (Two Men and a Wardrobe), 1957, 15 min
    W/D: Roman Polanski

    Good luck!


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      I'm wearing a pair right now.