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  • wcmartell
    Guest replied
    I'm wearing a pair right now.

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  • Deus Ex Machine
    Guest replied
    Here's some shorts worth tracking down.

    Amblin, 1968, 24 min
    D: Steven Spielberg

    And You Act Liek One, Too, 1976, 24 min
    D: Susan Seidelman

    Board and Care, 1980, 27 min
    W/D: Ron Ellis

    Leon's Case, 1982, 25 min
    W: Raymond Hartung
    D: DanielAttias

    The Lottery, 1969, 18 min
    W: Shirley Jackson (short story)
    W/D: Larry Yust

    Les Mistons (The Brats or The Mischeif Maker), 1957, 18 min
    W: Maurice Pons (short story)
    W/D: Francois Truffaut

    An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, 1962, 27 min
    W: Ambrose Bierce (short story)
    w/D: Robert Enrico

    The Reserection of Broncho Billy, 1970, 21 min
    W: John Carpenter, Nick Castle, Trace Johnston, John Longenecker and James Rokos.
    D: James Rokos.

    Snowbound, 1977, 32 min (some versions 50 min)
    W: Harry Mazer (novel)
    w: Edward Pomerantz and Kurt Villadsen
    D: Robert M. Young

    Strange Fruit, 1978, 32 min
    W: Lillian Smith (novel)
    W: Stephen Katz
    D: Seth Pinsker

    Dwaj Ludzie Z Szafa (Two Men and a Wardrobe), 1957, 15 min
    W/D: Roman Polanski

    Good luck!

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  • mrbenning
    Guest started a topic Narrative Shorts

    Narrative Shorts

    Does anybody know of any good places to find examples of strong narrative short film? I've been looking, but the majority of the shorts I'm finding are non-linear and/or plotless gimmick pieces. I'm not saying they're bad. They're just not what I'm looking for.