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  • Tossing from script after seeing...

    Saw The Village today (Even though the ending was awkward, I loved the atmosphere, the music, and Opie's daughter.

    One scene, however, took me totally out of the movie. NO SPOILERS HERE

    Shot of interior of home. Lucius enters the frame alone and begins to quietly talk to someone who is offscreen at first. His mother eventually comes out of an adjacent room.

    I thought M. Night had included an outtake by mistake.

    When I got home, I swore I would take the scene like that from my script. No character of mine will enter a room alone and start talking to "noone" unless the "noone" is already established as being in a nearby room within hearing range.

    Maybe I saw it wrong, but it was jarring.

    Ever been annoyed enough by something in a film to want to trash your similar attempts?

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    Haven't seen the film, but sounds like he wanted to make you think the character was talking to themself, then suprise you by showing the other person. Did the situation/dialog suggest this?


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      This happens in many films. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, I believe it happens quite often, and, in my opinion, is normal.


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        Re: re

        who is "noone". Is that like "Hi, noon."?


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          Re: re

          This, from someone called "noh1".