When you get pissed, do you stop writing?



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    For one reason or another I have gone for long periods without writing. That is putting my fingers on the keyboard and typing out words.

    In truth I am an exponant of "Typing a manuscript is the last step in crafting a story." I don't put words on paper or computer until I have things worked out in my head.

    Altho I do have a large board that used to be for selling Home Interior products a lot of pins and 3x5 index cards. I often use that for days or weeks on end.

    But I never, ever in my entire life, go a single day without forming a story, a character, a plot, a sequence, or rewriting something I have already written in my head.

    In fact I am always writing.

    So I have to ask:

    Have you been working on stories and story ideas in your head?

    If not then perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who can live without writing.

    If so, then go and be happy.


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      I write every day. To me, writing is like breathing. If I try to take a break between scripts, I'm nervous, twitchy and a grouch.



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        You stopped writing, because you got mad at a business enterprise for changing their business model in an effort to become profitable?



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          if i stopped writing because i was pissed, i'd never type a word.


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            Re: Haskins...it's true, just look at his user icons.


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              Love Haskins icon....

              Sometiems I'll step back and let myself have that moment of anger/frustration/sadness -- then you get back on the horse.

              I'm sorry you let PGL zap you -- but it is what it is. Why let it stop you cold?

              Life will continually find ways to provoke you and stop your writing -- your job as a writer? Don't let it.

              Usually when I'm pissed off, I do something else for a little while (hours most of the time, sometimes it's a few days) then get on with the writing.

              But if it took you a few months to get your head together, so be it.

              You can't change that now - it is past. You can, however, stop the cycle and start writing again.

              Good luck.


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                I worked as a professional bouncer for a few years, about 10 years ago. I would come home after work and be so wound up that I would write for hours. The more pissed I was the longer I wrote. It was a great release. Amazingly, my dialog didn't mirror my moods. I used writing as a way to escape the crap I had just endured.

                If you learn how to channel that anger into your writing you'll be amazed how powerful a tool it can be.


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                  Re: When you get pissed, do you stop writing?

                  Just a thought, psychicmuse,

                  When I'm pissed I can't even turn on the bloody computer, let alone write.


                  POWER TO THE ELBOW


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                    You're angry because of PGL? Uh, okay.

                    C'mon, stop making silly excuses and WRITE YOUR SCREENPLAY!


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                      Re: Anger...

                      My first screenplay ran around in my head for 10 years. Once I started putting it down on 'paper', I just couldn't stop. I was afraid that there would only be one, but this isn't Highlander because there can certainly be more than one. Even if I don't hit the keys, I'm now pathologically jotting notes or working through scenes in my head. My characters have grown up on cocktail napkins and scraps of post-its on my desk at work. I love it! When I write, I write in the movie so whatever drama is going on in my RL is just left behind.


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                        if you let stupid @#%$ like that keep you from writing for several months, well, i don't know. i'd say you should look for another hobby.