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  • My first GOOD review!

    Wow! This is fantastic!

    Don't know if it means any more than it is, but this is what one reviewer on script( swap said;

    Sci-Fi / Suspense
    X-STREAM by WritePro
    [ Read | Review ]

    Logline: When a group of genius brats develop an X-Stream to another dimension, they find it the real world and Earth just an experiment... about to end. Unless they make the world aware and defeat the carnivourous plant people who want the earth as its personal smorgasborg.

    Pages: 98
    File Format: Rich Text File (RTF)
    Average Score: 74

    Review Averages:
    Premise Characterization Story Dialogue Format
    Excellent Average Excellent Excellent Acceptable

    Reviewer: Jelena
    Overall Stars:
    Premise: Excellent
    Story: Excellent
    Characterization: Average
    Dialogue: Excellent
    My review: I felt like watching "Second hands lions" without sad part of the story.
    Enthusiasm and energy of kids are rubbing onto you. Your dialogs are excellent. I liked their smarts and "deliquensy", I liked litle platonic love moments, magic of walking through walls, getting fat and skiny like in cartoons. But I alsop like that they brought the system down. I deeply believe that this script is extremely marketable, if you get machinery behind you and good marketing kids will drag parents into the theaters.


    Wonderful, but I still think it needs another rewrite. Want to expand on that "love relationship" between the two teenagers.

    Anyway, thought you might want to see what ONE person thought.

    "Write long... and write well."

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    Why is this in the Screenwriting forum? This place is for
    serious questions, like whether desktops or laptops are better
    for writing scripts.


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      Oh yeah!

      Well I'll tell you what I think --


      So there

      Only kidding



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        Oh yeah!

        Excellent review!

        I always knew the inventor of vertical
        writing had it in him.


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          Re: Oh yeah!

          Congrats on the positive review, Bobby -- but I'm not sure English is the reviewer's first language.


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            Re: Oh yeah!

            Hey, Kiddo.

            Screw those people who put this down. Congrats. Don't it feel goooood?



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              Re: Oh yeah!

              LOL @ Username :rollin

              Refried is on-the-money. The reviewer does have a point, though: Good marketing kids will drag parents into the theatres.

              Bobby, maybe you should invite Jelena over here to DD so we can rip her a new one.


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                Re: Oh yeah!

                Wow, a FIRST good review? You are being modest now. :rollin

                "This page will introduce you to the next great and most prolific writer to hit this century. You'll find writings that are quick and exciting, new and enriching."

                I guess, FIRST good review was your own.


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                  don't have a cow, man. get back to work. what do you want a @#%$ medal?