How do you cold-read someone else's first 5 to 10 pages?



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  • How do you cold-read someone else's first 5 to 10 pages?

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    you're not alone. I have yet to read a script, produced or otherwise, that I couldn't put down and walk away from.

    I don't read them for fun, I read them for techincal information, to help others, and that sort of thing.

    If I want to read for fun, I go pick up a novel.

    Which is not to say that I don't enjoy reading them, but I treat it like a job. I don't play around when I write, so I extend that attitude to other peoples scripts.


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      Yea gimme a hosana. Brother, you are preaching to the choir. I think most screenplays suck as reading material. But the good ones make great films.

      Lost in Translation. Go. Chinatown. Scrooged. As Good As It Gets. Body Heat. Fargo. Fight Club.

      They are out there. Like studio readers, you need to read and read and read.


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        I hated...HATED...reading screenplays when I first started. And all for the same reasons everyone has said.

        They key for me was sheer numbers. After a certain number of screenplays (for me it was probably into the multi-dozens) the format becomes more "internalized" and it starts making sense on a more intuitive level.

        Time is the great healer of this problem...


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          I have had just the opposite reaction, perhaps because I was so desperate to understand the craft as quickly as possible. I found most scripts as enjoyable, if not more so, as reading a novel.

          The other odd thing I discovered is that after reading about 200 scripts and then trying to read a novel, I kept thinking to myself, why is this story rambling on like this!! :lol

          Just my $0.02

          - Larry


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            I've never had any trouble getting into a screenplay. But I tend to be an almost compulsive reader, even of books, so I'm probably more of a special case.

            For me, the key is whether I can visualize as I read. Oddly enough, I have a far easier time with specs from aspiring writers than with produced scripts from pros.