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    Hi guys, well I'm just about to begin jotting down idea's for a new script and I was just wondering, are there any copyright issuses if you were to mention bands and songs in a script, as in dialogue?

    Like if characters were discussing their favorite groups?

    The fair use act or what ever its called shows fairly well that if it were a spoof then their wouldnt be any legal issues, but dialogoe mentioning them isnt a spoof.

    I know that if I were to put lyrics in then that would make problems because there are legal issues there, but refferances of a band and their songs?

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    You can mention things that exist. I mean, the news couldn't happen if it needed clearance to mention bands, actors, shows, etc. The world would be E!-less!!!! Go ahead and name them, but just don't write them as characters unless you've got a) permission or b) a damn good lawyer.

    Blog That Does Mention People By Name, But Only Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen, and Peter Jackson.


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      In general anything like this just write it and let the studio legal dept worry about it after it's been bought. Unless the name of the band/product/company/person is essential to the story and the movie wouldn't work without it then no one is going to turn down a script because you mentioned Mickey Mouse on page 47.

      Once it's going into production they will tell you what hasn't cleared and has to be changed.