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  • How do you get into the frame of mind

    How do you get into the frame of mind of your natural suroundings being amazing and wonderful?

    To any city folk where I live they would see somewhere tranquile and idilic, but for someone like me who has grown up there its boring.

    I live in a small villiage in an area of the UK thats considered to be one of the poshest, its certainly one of the greenist area's anyway and to me a city is something wonderful and exciting because its nothing like where I live but someone who lives in a city wouldnt share that same view point.

    I guess what I'm saying is how do I see what is to me something boring and mundane because I see it everyday as something interesting and exciting.

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    Find someone or something around you that is wonderful (as in everything is going good.........i.e. boring) and think of what could go wrong.



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      Your surroundings have nothing to do with it except as a catalyst to escape, that's what writers do they escape, into your mind, everything must melt away, and you do also, though briefly, exist in your own world, of your own creation, and if you need something outside of yourself to get you there chances are you won't be able to take anyone else there either. It must exist in you.


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        Re: Transportation

        Willis - where you are sounds fantastic. What a great place to write and let the imagination roam free!

        I actually prefer my writing space / office to have a view. But some people like the complete opposite, and find views distracting. Stephen King for example, in his book 'On Writing', states that if you want to write well you need to close all blinds, door etc and write in a darkened room with no outside distractions.

        Each to their own I guess! Me, I'd rather the view...

        Winter in New York


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          It sounds like you want to escape from where you are. That could go for many of us, including myself, who find ourselves living in not the "poshest" locale (did'nt you mean lushest?, or in England, is it the same?), but in less than satisfactory environments and economic conditions.

          I take all the desire to escape from the stresses of my nine-to-five job, the dangers and annoyances of the gritty city I live in, the attitudes and behavior of people around me and I put that desire to escape into my characters. I think I write every scene as an attempt by the character or characters to escape from something.

          Concentrate on what makes that little hamlet so unspeakably oppressive and how much you want to get out of there and give your characters a taste of that same resolve.

          Otherwise, I'll have to agree that a dark room works wonders for a number of things.


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            Re: escape

            Don't look at it from your viewpoint. Look at it from each of your character's view points. Get inside their heads.

            What is it like for them?



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              Re: escape

              I think its good once in a while to get out of your comfort zone and go explore and soak in the environment around you. In your case, it may mean spending time in the big smoke.


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                Re: escape

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                  When bored with your surroundings try rose colored glasses.

                  Sorry, "coloured."