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  • Story doesn't seem big enough...

    Since OoO has become a political madhouse and poopshoot playhouse, I think I'm gonna come over where the serious folk be for a while...

    Let me ask something... (reading small movie big concept got me thinking).

    Been waiting to hear back from WBC (Writers Boot Camp) to see how my script (MIND'S EYE) was accepted, and as I read through it and look at my notes, I am now thinking that it may not be "big enough" for a major movie. It seems too small for the big screen and I'm wondering what I can do to improve it and make it bigger.

    I'm wondering if I should make my MC have powers of his own to defeat (or assist in defeating) the God guy and also give him (the God guy) more power over the aspects of the planet while trying to take the little girl out. Also should I make this child real or is she a ghost, and angel, what?

    See, I've got the story all worked out in my head (beginning-middle-ending) and on the page, but it just seems now that it's not as "big" as I thought and it feels more like TV. Bummed me out reading it. Thinking I should make all these characters have more idiocycracies and problems that get in the way of their trying to deal with this little spooky child and her visions of the future, while staying one step ahead of this monster God that's trying to abduct her so she can't tell everyone what's really happening to the world.

    Just wondering if any of you ever find yourselves or your scripts going in another direction, even though you think you've laid it out in one. I don't want this a small film. It has too much impact on today's issues to be a small movie.

    But heck, what are we talking here... it's gotta be a good script before any of this dreaming it a movie comes to past, right? I knew writing a thriller was going to be hard.

    Believe me, it is!

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    you might want to spend less time in the popular multiples and more time in the smaller independent and foreign market theaters....or watch more of the independent film network and the sundance channel....and check out the video store rentals and see how many "straight to video" flicks are actually made just to give yourself a broader view of what is marketable and to whom. and if a cable channel wanted to produce your script would you actually turn it down and say, "no, I want to make it bigger....big enough for the big screen."?! :rolleyes


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      possibly nikee.

      that would depend on a lot of variables.

      edited for pretentiousness.


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        Cant speak from experince but it sounds like you should just go out and do this re write, you've left it alone for a bit and now you know what needs changing.

        As for worrying about writers boot camp, maybe they'll look at it as an indie film.


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          Set it in outer space.


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            Set it in outer space.
            "In Space, No one Can Hear Gary Scream..."