What to expect from a first meeting?



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  • What to expect from a first meeting?

    Finally got a meeting with a production company. They read one of my scripts, and passed. Loved the writng and requested a second one. Ditto on that one. Now they have a third. After getting frustrated with my agent for not trying to set up a meeting, I contacted the producer myself.

    He was more than happy to schedule a meeting with me, and told me he was impressed with the writing, and that I would be considered for re-write assingments with the company.

    The big question is: now what? What generally happens in a meeting? This is my first time, and I don't want to blow it.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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    Congrats on getting your first meeting. I admire how you hustled to get it and didn't simply rely on your agent.

    Most of my meetings have been for possible staff positions on tv shows. In those, they want to get to know who you are. If you're an affable person. Since I've been trying to get on sitcoms, they want to know if I have a sense of humor.

    Try not to be too nervous or over think. That was my problem at first. I was so worried about making a good impression that I wasn't "present" in the meeting. I was too busy thinking about what I should say or shouldn't say that I came off as being too quiet.

    Another thing you should do is have 3-4 amusing or interesting annecdotes about yourself. Inevitably, you'll be asked a question like "Tell me about yourself." So have something interesting to say. Also, look around the room to see what can ascertain about the person you're meeting with. It's nice to find out something you may have in common with that person so you can bond with them.

    So, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. It's just one meeting. If you click with them, you click with them. If you don't, there will be other meetings.

    It only takes one meeting to lead to a job. Maybe this will be that meeting, maybe it won't.

    Let us know how it goes.



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      Re: Congrats

      This is totally a chick question:

      What do I wear?

      Take care,


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        THAT was insightful...not.

        BTW, Basic B, thank you for great advice. It really helps. And best of luck in your writing as well. Sounds like you've already got a good foot in the door.



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          Re: hmmmm

          Ouch... sorry. Can I recover? I mean my basic wardrobe is jeans, tee-shirts and sandals. I know just be yourself. I want to be taken seriously though.



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            My first helpful post

            me keuhnl,
            Personally, I'd go with PVC. It's probably better that you go get Max Adam's book. The Screenwriter's Survival Guide or guerilla meeting tactics and other acts of war.


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              Re: My first helpful post

              No matter what I wear to a meeting, I always have my red tennis shoes on.


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                Re: My first helpful post

                Max Adams' book taught me how to "be the girl".

                Tony (who, all kidding aside, highly recommends the book)


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                  Sharing a cell...

                  To Crash:

                  Wouldn't you like to know.

                  To: Melissa re: meeting attire... I wear nice slacks, a knit top and some kind of jacket or overshirt. No jeans, unless they're black jeans and brand new. And I've taken to wearing boots.

                  I like wearing a shirt that is a bright color and I have a cool "afro centric" necklace I wear as well.

                  Hope that helps.



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                    Sorry me kuehnl,

                    I've been bitchy all afternoon.

                    CRASH!!! I was hoping you'd pop in here. Any advice? Gosh, my agent is clueless on this one. Yikes!!




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                      Desperation begins

                      I just wanna work. I don't care if it's friggin WGA scale for a minor re-write. The money's not the important thing. I just want to do what I love, and get my foot in the door.

                      My ultimate strategy is to use an assignment (no matter how small), to get my foot in the door with a better agent.

                      Pleas God...PLEASE!!! (told you I'm getting desperate)


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                        Re: Oops!

                        First thing is to relax. Have several ideas you can broadly pitch to them when they ask you what you're working on next. Don't forget body language. Look alive and don't mumble. Tell your best jokes and stories. If there's a particular type of genre that you like working in, let them know, play up your strengths. Get your contact person's email address so you can keep up a correspondence. But most importantly, never be at lost for words -- you're a writer, you're suppose to be a master at them.


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                          Excellent advice

                          Great advice. Thanks.

                          @#%$, I was hoping I could score an assignment from this. But at least I'll have a great contact.



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                            Another question

                            Have you ever gotten work from meetings? What has your experience with them been? Useful? Waste of time? Or somewhere in between?


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                              Atta Boy!

                              Great attitude, MFD. You're learning. It's all part of the process. Networking, making contacts, improving your craft.

                              It'll happen if you keep working at it.