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  • Hypnosis...

    Has anyone got a good example of hypnosis in a flick? It seems like an easy scene to write on the surface, but I don't want it to come across as lame.

    The only one I can think of is STIR OF ECHOES. But it's not a very good example.

    The funny thing is I've seen something like this a thousand times, I just can't remember where! Arghh.

    Thanks, people...


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    There's some cool hypnosis in Dead Again, although perhaps not "traditional" (if there is such a thing). Love that flick.


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      The Manchurian Candidate has a really bizarre and imaginative scene of mass hypnosis....


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        Most hypnosis scenes in movies are bunk. It's a science--get an intro book on clinical or stage hypnosis if you want to be realistic.


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          I agree with Captmax, why research it through movies? If you don't want to read a book, at least do a web search. There is a lot of good info on hypnosis out there.


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            The script I am trying to sell now has a main character who is a hypnotherapist and quite a few scenes of hypnosis. I read several books, surfed the net and had myself induced(hypnotized) before I wrote it. If it is an important scene, I would not rely on what film makers have shown in the past as most of it is quite silly and inaccurate.


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              Mild seditive induced hypnosis seems to be the most believable to me...


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                Hmmm! So using just one feather is kinky... but if you use the whole chicken, you're perverted?

                Heyyady, what am I going to do with you?

                ...something kinky I hope. :smokin


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                  Watch "The Hot Rock" for a great hypnosis scene.

                  Afganistan bananastand


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                    There's only a short scene of hypnosis, "my hope anyway". And I figured if the other guys got away with the cheesy stuff before... why not me. If my whole SP centered around it, I could justify the research but is it really necessary to do that much digging for one page? I've got binders full of crap for researching the other areas of the script, I thought I could get away with the norm on this one.


                    All right... LOL... (I am getting sleepy...)

                    Why cut corners, right? *yawn*


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                      Here comes the whole fact VS fiction issue again...

                      If one is writing a documentary for PBS on hypnosis, one hopes the "treatment" of hypnosis will be more accurate than, say, that of a short scene featuring hypnosis in an off the wall comedy. Tone has a lot to do with it.

                      Hollywood deals with fiction and larger than life elements, resorting to some fudging at times to serve the story over the facts when necessary. Of course, that's no excuse for cheesiness, unless we're talking B-movie. But keep in mind that some people are still debating the so-called physics involved in the premise of Cast Away, a movie branded as serious.

                      Make your hypnosis scene believable. I think it's fine to look at other films that have already treated the subject, if only to see how it translated to screen and the writer's/director's approach. I, too, would combine that with some book browsing and web surfing.

                      Ultimately, you're the judge as to what's best for your story.

                      Good luck, Dan.


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                        My favorite hypnosis scene would definetely belong to Office Space. *heh heh*