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    You know what confuses me? The "higher powers" in the industry want us to trim every unnecessary word, piece of dialogue and action sequence that doesn't explicitly navigate the course of our storyline. We have to chop treasured scenes and dialogue that "we think" is the best writing since "The Godfather", so we can adhere to the tightest plot structure possible to advance our characters through the story.

    "No useless words or going nowhere plotlines."

    So, what's the deal with sex scenes? They definitely don't sell movies like they used to. Maybe it's the fact that we're dealing with a more intelligent audience that doesn't need to be distracted by something that's totally irrelevant to plot structure. Either way, I've always kind of thought that writers used them because it's the only useless information they can get away with while filling pages at the same time.

    I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but I'd definitely like to hear the opinions of those more seasoned in this biz than myself. If I'm going to write a script, I'd like the end result to be a well, rounded tale that can sell itself on its own merits while still allowing a grandson and grandmother to watch the flick without either feeling uncomfortable.

    But that's just me... (stirring the pot of artistic point of views)



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    The only sex scenes I ever write are integral either to my story, theme, plot or characters in some manner or the other.

    That said, I've written scripts that had no sex scenes in them whatsoever, and a script where the opening scene was a sex scene.



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      Ohhh, I'm getting turned on!

      Most movies nowadays are trying to tone down the sex and violence due to the fact that kids can only see PG-13 movies. A movie like M:I-2 or The Mummy would have gotten an R rating ten years ago, but I guess they toned the violence down "just" enough for the PG-13 rating.

      But about SEX... movies from maybe 10 years ago would have probably went ahead and shown a woman's full set of bountiful bosoms and probably the lower area too? But now, movies might just show only one bountiful bosom and definitely not the lower area, just to make sure that they get the PG-13 rating. (Or, they might just decide that it's best not to show NO perky bountiful boobies?)

      In the script, instead of showing nudity, use could just say that they make love and the camera PANS up - that's what they did in RAIDERS OF THE LAST ARK.


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        In "Writing The Romantic Comedy" by Billy Mernit, a must
        for Romcom writers, sex scenes are appropriate only if
        they move the story forward and they reveal intimacy (versus
        implicit sex or porn). Of course this might not apply in an
        X rated drama or R rated violence (rape). The exploration and enjoyment of intimacy between two lovers separates good sex scenes from trash. Even in "9 1/2 Weeks" there was intimacy between the two lovers in the famous ice on the stomach scene (Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger). In addition, the use of erotic subtext, a kind of metaphoric foreplay between the two lovers, is an unmistakable winning technique in writing sex scenes.

        Keeping with the Romcom genre, Mernit goes on to say that sex scenes (partial nudity to keep the PG-13 rating) are just as important to females as is the wedding or "alls well that
        ends well" scene at the end of the movie. Sex scenes that are if done with taste are staples to the Romcom and other
        genres (if appropriate for your story).


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          First, I'd like to say that Hollywood really isn't as sex-obsessed as many seem to think. This summer, I saw only one (big-deal studio) movie with sex-scenes that really weren't necessary for the plot: ORIGINAL SIN. And well, I liked the movie, anyway. (Okay, partially because of 'em.) Of all the movies put out every year, the percentage that have genuine sex scenes is negligable. Implications of or allusions to don't count. If either breasts nor actor ass is bared, a sex scene it is not.

          Second: If a movie's gonna be R-rated anyway, I see nothing wrong with a good sex scene. I know the sexy movies on late-night cable have kept many an adolescent boy thrilled for the evening.

          Third: I'm totally biased right now because I'm working on a screenplay whose opening scene is filled with gratuitous, sloppy, sweaty sex. But, in my own defense, if such defense is necessary, each and every one of the four sex scenes in the screenplay (as planned) are absolutely necessary.

          Fourth: I'm feeling a bit randy tonight.

          Fifth: I have no idea why I'm numbering my paragraphs.



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            I have sex scenes in almost all of my screenplay, my television pilot (the pilot is getting pitched to Showtime and had to be on the racy side, per the assignment) and of course my sex in the city spec has mucho sex in it but I am with Story Dude on this one, they should be there if they move the story.

            With that said, i would much rather see an un-needed sex scene than unnecessary violence any day of the week.

            But then again, I'm a total Jersey girl and after re-reading first drafts, i always tend to over-use the "F" word and have to take them all out.



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              Sex In The Cinema (ouch - the cup holder's jabbing me!)

              My favorite part of writing sex scenes? The research. Hey - it's tax deductable!

              SEX WITH 2 FINGERS (that's how I type):

              - Bill


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                Re: Sex In The Cinema (ouch - the cup holder's jabbing me!)

                Well, we're going for an R rated one here, but I have to say that I thought the sex scenes in Bound were integral to the characters. The pillow talk between the two women was essential to the movie's tone.

                That and.. well, that was a really nifty tattoo.

                I think that sex is a lot more versatile than violence (the other common rating-raiser.) Sex can be funny, steamy, violent, tender, embarassing, etc. Which, I think, gives it far more purpose than butts in the seats or page fillers.


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                  I've tried to write a sex scene...

                  It's very hard. And the scene didn't come fast and furious like I had hoped.


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                    Sex In The Cinema (ouch - the cup holder's jabbing me!)

                    Bill I agree ! "My favorite part of writing sex scenes? The research. Hey - it's tax deductible!"

                    And what a wonderful deduction it is! Who said you can't mix business with pleasure?

                    The first draft is easy. Multiple rewrites are hard - but lots of fun! Don't forget, practice makes perfect.

                    GOOD LUCK - work hard and often!


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                      Re: Sex In The Cinema (ouch - the cup holder's jabbing me!)

                      So, if you need to do research and your regular partner is not willing, is that a forgivable infraction all in the name of your career????


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                        Re: Sex In The Cinema (ouch - the cup holder's jabbing me!)

                        In your case, yes. In Polly Azure's case, no.


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                          Sex Scenes...

                          Blue Parrot...I love word play and innuendo too. :smokin


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                            Re: Sex Scenes...

                            You like it innuendo?

                            To stay on topic, here is yet another old moldy tip (not the kind Anna Nicole Smith likes):



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                              kiss, kiss

                              thanks for the links
                              they are added to my favorites