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  • good guys and firearms

    My current bad guys don't have the opportunity to show any firearms with the exception of a large knife. They are just intimidating. My good guys have tanks and gobs 'o guns. At this point I have not named these weapons specifically. The subject came up over a proof read where it was pointed out that the text was like:

    Large APC tanks were on either side of the river.

    So is it an armored personnel carrier or a tank? To me it's one of those rolly things made of metal.

    If it was a book I would want to be quite detailed. Since this is meant to be visual I have not bothered...yet. The guns are seen but are not part of the dialogue. Right now I feel like that would be up to the film makers. Any thoughts?

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    There's two ways to look at this. If the weapon is symbolic or in some ways linked to the story, I'd use some detail.

    For example in Lethal Weapon they go into quite bit of detail about the baretta Riggs uses beacuse it helps establish character.

    In my one script the rifle being used is almost a character upon itself - it is quite detailed as it is integral to the story.

    As for genric stuff I'd try to differentiate a little: rifle, handgun, revolver, musket, shotgun etc.

    As for equipment, I'd research to make sure you have terms correct - it also lends credibility to your writing.

    APC and Tank are quite different...


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      armoured personnel carriers are light armoured vehicles with tracks, lightly armed with at most, a machine gun.

      tanks are basically heavier, heavily armoured tracked vehicles with heavier weaponry. you'll have to do some research on which models you're going to use.


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        I know this is off-topic and all but ...

        How does it work that the bad guys have less technology than the good guys and are still a force to be reckoned with? I'm not criticising; I'm just curious to know how you did it, or are planning on doing it, or whatever.



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          Hey, they ARE tanks. Cool! As for the chit chat. Meltdown has been a big help. Ardeejay, where to begin? The bad guys have a very ugly reputation which has gotten the good guys all ramped up. The bad guys sneak around and stuff but never have a chance. It's a sub-plot anyway. Maybe that's not the right term. Not unlike the classic American Graffiti example, it is a braid of stories all coming together with a tie at the end.


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            Your query seems answered, but if it's of any use, I believe StrangeMind correct.

            Armored Personal Carriers (APCs) are typically thin-skinned, tracked, fast, lightly armed troop transports (though I believe the "Bradley", the current mainstay of the US APC fleet, looks very much like a small tank; it shoots wire-guided missiles). The vehicle that gets blown up in "Die Hard" -- "the police have an RV", is basically an APC.

            Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) are hulking, heavily armored, fully tracked, lumbering fortresses. The National Guard (if we're talking US) trains with some, but, typically, you can't order up a MBT like it's a pizza. They're shipped to wherever they're going by train/big-BIG cargo plane, and they need lots of support (parts, fuel, cranes and someplace for the mechanics to field-service the damn things). The M1 Abrams is the current US MBT; M60 is last year's model. The M1 is a frightening beast. Laser range finder. Airplane-sized jet turbine for a motor.

            Jane's Information Group is a great resource for military hardware, pictures and news. They currently have an article about "new LAVs".



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              MBTs etc.

              no not U.S., how about Egyptian Military 1998
              just for fun


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                I don't know much about Egypt. They probably buy from the US (and from France, Russia, et cetera, et cetera). If it _were_ important, there are publications who's business it is, exclusively, to itemize armed forces of the world.

                I did happen to see, on the page I linked above, that Egypt had asked to purchase "more" M1A1s.


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                  you win!

                  Probably the U.S. is the right answer! You win a kiss. X


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                    tanks vs knives

                    Depending on what you want to project dramatically, tanks may be an over reaction(good or bad, funny or scary) OR APC's may be an under reaction.

                    In any case...make sure the bad guy's knives are REALLLLLY BIIIIIGGGGGGG!



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                      Find a copy of Jane's Armour and Artillery for 1998; it will tell what kind of tanks and other vehicles each country had deployed for that year. A university library should have it.

                      Also see:
                      Jane's Tank & Combat Vehicle Recognition Guide

                      And, look at:



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                        "Large APC tanks were on either side of the river."

                        You dont write in past tense do you?...or is this dialogue?