Anyone else get emotional during this phase?



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  • Anyone else get emotional during this phase?

    Or do I need Prozac????
    I cried while reading my script last night... Actually CRIED! (It's NOT suposed to be a sad story) I am totaly paralized with fear, and everytime I open it, I feel like I just might puke. Maybe it's time to go back to teaching preschool?

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    I can't say that I cry, but I do get excited.

    Especially if I put my script down for a week or so, then pick it up and read it with a fresh mind. I tend to read it as if I'm reading someone else's script. And I forget the jokes I put in there and laugh aloud thinking, "This is good stuff" then I remember it's mine and am happy.


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      Script = Children?

      Well, Heyyady, I think that's pretty natural. In many ways, our scripts become like our children. We live with them, day and night, for a long time. Then, we ship them out into the big wide world. We want them to do well, to make us proud...

      But all the same, we're just a little bit scared they'll have a rough time, and part of us wants to keep them at home.

      If you're stuck and not going anywhere on your script, give it to someone you trust who might offer suggestions and a fresh perspective. Or, let it sit for a week or so before coming back.

      It might open some new doors you hadn't previously seen.


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        So many people live their life by two codes - looking good and being right. These are the ultimate authenticities. Let them go. They don't do anyone any good.


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          Never go back to teaching preschool.



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            I can get really worked up when writng a script. In some ways I try to get into the characters head like a method actor. When I was writing a death scene in my last script I was getting all emotional trying to come up with the dialogue.

            I was also getting also into "the rage" when the final battle unfolded. By the time the good guy had the bad guy on the ropes I knew what the character was going to say. I was in that frame of mind.

            Going back and reading it now doesn't elicit the same response as I've read it over so many times. I find that the more I re-read it, the less it becomes "my baby" and can become more objective abou the writing.


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              I read it and get emotional. Then I test myself in a day or two by reading it again.
              If I still feel the emotions stirring from within, I know I've written something wonderful.


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                Re: Absolutely...

                With my first and third script, I get worked up still reading it. Even thinking about it.

                It's good feeling for sure. Our job is to tell it so that others can feel the same. Because if they feel that when they read the script, it'll be 100 times more powerful on screen.