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    Fwuffed the Fwuffers: <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> Uhhhh, any film that needs a site to explain it is kinda (fill-in-the-blank)<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->

    Ahh, c'mon. Any film filled with fascinating images whose whole is so open to interpretation/debate/discussion-over-pints is kind of a hoot, I think. And the link Lady C provided makes for a fascinating (albeit a tad sloppy) read. I mean, it's nice to take a break from having a film's meaning(s) spoon fed to you by its creators.

    Mind you, I admire <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> Lost Highway<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> as a cerebral/experimental exercise in film-making. What the film doesn't do is hit me emotionally or viscerally, the way my absolute faves tend to. And the pacing during the first act does require, er, patience. :lol

    That said, I can believe <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> Mulholland Drive<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> has been out here in Seattle two whole days, and I haven't seen it yet. Man, I'm slippin' in me old age...


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      I agree with Hell. (*grin* to the Fwuff and heck, stick in some tongue outsticking while you're at it.)

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've often heard that Lynch viewed making Dune as some devilish pact. De Laurentiis had agreed to finance Blue Velvet (and perhaps even other subsequent films - the legend does not tell) on the condition that Lynch make Dune. Lynch was real keen on finally making Blue Velvet (he had been thinking about it for decades), but not exactly a happy camper to be making Dune. At least he's got an excellent Agent Cooper out of it.

      Fwuff, when you mention FORE WALK WITH ME, do you mean FIRE WALK WITH ME, or some bizarre movie on golf I'm not familiar with?

      The more I think about it, I like FWWM quite a bit. Those hilarious coffee scenes. That Chris Isaak in a perfect role. And that Bowie guy. Man, I tell you.


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        The Bowie scene (RE the securitry camera footage) is a tasty one, I'll have to admit...

        Maybe if Lynch did a movie about a guy who lived for Pie and Pepsi, I'd be swayed.