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    How many days does it take most of you guys to write a feature-length screenplay? Just asking.

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    according to viki king, 21 days.


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      But it takes Blue an hour to write 2 pages of "parody".


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        To dream up the concept, work out the loopholes, structure it, put in the sub-plots, themes, reversals... write the treatment/scene plan... about a year. Then, if all that's done properly, about three weeks to write it.


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          I've been working on a story for more than half a year now, and haven't even started on the script.

          I've heard it takes professionals anywhere from 3 months to a year or more.


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            Kevin - you mean polished draft? Cuz first there's the outline though some use index card; then there's the mulling-over-thinking-it-through stage (which can last for weeks); then there's character sheets (more weeks); then there's the first draft (months); then there's the rewrite of the first draft in which there's at least the amount of pages you want; then there's the second rewrite which looks like a finished screenplay..

            So I'd say about uh, hmm, yeah, that long. - Charli


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              I've written a rough draft ( key word rough) in a month, and that was after months of working out the holes. That was two years and it wasn't until a few months ago that I could honestly say it was trully finished. And even then, I'll still do some tweaking every once in a while.



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                Hey, now I don't feel so bad for taking about eleven months (give or take a week or so) to finish my current script, from the initial brainstorming to the fourth rewrite. (Actually, the initial brainstorming was in May/June 2000, but I put the idea away for about four months to work on an ALLY spec) But, I'm still tinkering with the godamned thing, so I guess I'm not totally finished yet...

                However, I'm working on a new writing plan for my next script (already in the brainstorm, generating ideas, pre-outline phase):

                1. Pre-writing phase (includes all brainstorming, character work, research, outlining, structuring, yada yada) - 2 months
                2. First draft - 1 month
                3. Rewrite/polish - 1 month

                I hope to get it done in six months. :lol

                I got so used to taking the duration of a school year (2 semesters, approx. 8 1/2 months) to finish a first draft (some of my classmates were faster, some slower) that I can't shake the habit. However, I've finished a first draft on a spec in as little as two and a half weeks (A week and a half pre-writing, one week writing), so I know it doesn't have to take me a year... Then again, that was a pretty shitty script.



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                  Research? Treatments?

                  I can't go that long without writing. From the point where I first get an idea, I need about one week to outline the plot, eight weeks to write it, then whatever I need after that to fix it. I research and problem-solve as I go.

                  A typical writing assignment for a feature (I've heard) is 10 to 12 weeks for the first draft, four weeks or so for each rewrite.


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                    I spent 2 and half hours to write 20 pages. I think that my StrangeJourney is pretty good. I don't want to say it's my best work but it's my best mock Shane Black.

                    I still am not sure what Matt Lilliard reference is.

                    <<EDIT NOTES>>

                    I write first draft of a script in about two to three weeks from the conception to FADE OUT. That's because I eschew the usage of outlines, notes, etc. I start with a detailed first five pages and an idea of an ending...and I run with it.

                    That being said, during rewrites, the draft doesn't resemble my first draft.


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                      Six weeks.

                      Provided there's enough Pepsi in the house.


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                        Approximately 3 years! Just cuz I had to learn the craft myself, no school ya know, and find the inspiration and belief in myself !

                        Next one better be shorter...

                        Here's another ?...

                        How long does it take you to market and sell your script?

                        Take care,