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    With the recent official announcement of the sale of the
    script, Alexander The Great (see Done Deal today), the
    questionable casting of Leonardo DiCaprio as Alexander,
    inspired me to ponder once do movies get
    miscast? Yes, I know that Alexander was youngster, but
    couldn't they have found a young Victor Mature or Kirk
    Douglas. I just can't see the frail Leonardo leading the
    charge against the Persian Empire, et al. Can you? Martin S.
    liked Leonardo in The Gangs of New York, so he automatically
    chooses Leonardo for Alexander the Great, too?

    With all the big stars being packaged or selected by the
    studios, directors, or the actors themselves for most pictures, does this mean casting directors/companies are regulated to
    casting the supporting roles and the extras. Should movies
    be cast by people who know how to cast a film? Ok,
    directors "know" how they "see" the picture, but do studio
    execs? Think about how many films these days you said,
    gee, that role was miscast or a critic says, why did he
    take that role? Or why did they choose that idiot for my script? Let's just hope Leonardo can lift his sword as he charges into battle. A lot money is resting on it.

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    Well, they wrote this line...

    "I'm the Emperor of the World!!!" as he rides Bucephalus (sp?). SO they had to have test screening.

    Who knew?

    Well, Alex the G was girlish lookin' homosexual, too. Who knows.


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      I didn't know Alex was such a wimp. It makes sense. Look at our leaders.


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        Alex was no wimp, although he was, like many soldiers of the period, bisexual (rather than homosexual). Once, when his soldiers were about to retreat from an assault over the ramparts of a castle, he threw himself over the top and into the middle of the enemy, so that his soldiers were forced to continue the assault in order to save him.

        His horse was Bucephus, I believe.


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          It's called "packaging."


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            so i guess all that crap about marty and leo hating each other over GONY was all rumor. something about how leo was publicly bashing the movie and wanted to give up his points deal for a lump payment.

            also, does this mean marty isn't going to do the Dino biopic now?


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              Leo has been confirmed to be the lead? I knew he had been cast in the film, but no reports I've read state that he will play Alexander.

              "Well, Alex the G was girlish lookin' homosexual, too. Who knows."

              "Alex was no wimp, although he was, like many soldiers of the period, bisexual (rather than homosexual)."

              Bah! Bah I say!

              Homosexuality does not equal effeminancy. And to defend Alexander's manhood by expounding on a supposed cultural/situational bisexual fad is ludicrous.

              I've read arguments from many camps about Alexander's sexuality. I'm more inclined to believe he was homosexual. Though, it can be argued that sexuality is individualistic, and to label him as Straight, Bi, or Gay, would all be in error.


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                Re: Huh?

                leo gets top billing. he's an opener. unless there is a bigger part in the film than alexander the great, it is most likely who he's going to be playing if he's been cast.


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                  Leo just doesn't... fit.

                  I would cast:



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                    <threadtitle>Casting Movies</threadtitle>

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                    <threadtitle>Casting Movies</threadtitle>
                    <username>Gaijin Samurai</username>
                    <title>Re: Shucks.</title>
                    <pagetext>christian bale isn't an opener for an epic like alexander the great, though aesthetically he may be a better choice. the role is just too big for him.

                    yeah travis, if "write what you know" is an axiom, then american psycho was penned and directed by the worst possible choices ever. did you know there is a sequel in development?


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                      Re: Shucks.

                      ya i heard that.

                      maybe they'll bring mimi leder on this one as well.

                      wasn't APsycho a box office flop?


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                        Re: Shucks.

                        People who've never had personal "interest" in men directing/writing something utterly dependent on the comprehension of the male psyche are a worst choice? When did that happen? :lol

                        For a young Alexander, I don't we actually HAVE a good casting choice from the current roster of "Stars". Since foreign stars mean nothing (sadly).

                        But if such things didn't matter, I'd roll with Marsters from Buffy. He's a better actor than that show would indicate, and unlike Russell Crowe, he CAN get an accent right. plus, he does have the "look", especially if you mentally paste a proper Caesar's haircut over his head and imagine the make-up dept. giving him a proper olive skin tone.


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                          Re: Marsters

                          "He's a better actor than that show would indicate"

                          Actually, I think the show does quite well in showcasing his talents. There's not a better character on television right now than Spike, imho.

                          But, yeah, I dig your choice.

                          Btw, am I the only one here who liked American Psycho? I thought it was flippin' hilarious. I mean, c'mon, we all know that junior executive corporate America in the eightees was filled with a bunch of borderline psychotic, narcissistic, sexually repressed jackasses. And if you're going to make a movie showing Corporate American males in the worst light possible, then who better to helm it than a couple of "men haters"?



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                            &quot;who better&quot;?

                            Considering that the original novel's author probably wasn't a man-hater, I'm not sure that such applies, Tone.


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                              Re: &quot;who better&quot;?

                              I was mostly being a smartass in that post (regarding American Psycho), Kosk, but I did get a kick out of the movie.