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    When someone requests a treatment, including a "breif production plan", just what are they talking about?

    I mean, I know what a treatment is, but not a production plan. Or maybe I do, and just don't recognize it by name.

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    I've never heard of "brief production plan" , but if nobody here will be able to answer your question, I'll call my teacher tomorrow and find out for you.


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      Who is asking you for this? Agent or producer, etc.?

      My best guess is it could be either a preliminary budget or a production breakdown that they're looking for. A prod breakdown is a scene by scene breakdown of the technical, prop, costume, cast and crew requirements of a script.


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        Dunno, but here's a hint as to how/where you might find out:


        Excerpted from the Eternal Darkness Films Competition website (www.eternaldarknessfilms....ontest.asp ):

        "The Assignment:
        Write a two-page treatment for a film that incorporates the theme of "insanity" (focus on a clever psychological thriller like Sixth Sense and Vertigo, not a horror film).
        The treatment must outline the story, characters and a <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> brief production plan.<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->

        If you have any questions about these Official Rules or the Contest, please <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> e-mail them to [email protected]<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->, call (Phone 212-784-3280) or send written questions to Eternal Darkness Films, Contest Administrator, c/o Hypnotic, 80 South Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10038."


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          Haha, that's where the question came from. I'm participating in that.

          Was hoping to keep it a secret from all the writers on here that are better than I am...thanks a lot....jerk.


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            Who's the jerk?

            Tough to keep those holey underwear a secret when you've got 'em hanging out the proverbial window, flappin' in the wind...


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              Another case of Smiley-Blindness? Film at Eleven....


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                Eli's right. This is a filmmaker's competition more than a screenwriting one. They want to know how you plan to produce a short for only $2,000 -- if you ask me, to produce a good one for that price is damn near impossible unless you have all your own equipment or lots of filmmaker/videographer friends.


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                  Yes, they want to know how you would make your 5 minute film for the $2,000 they give you if you're a finalist.

                  If you have just a handful of actors (I'd suggest "theater" seniors from a local college). Keep your locations to a minimum, preferably outdoor (to avoid having to light sets).

                  You will find that most "actors" love to act and if you keep your shoot to over a weekend or one day, they will work for a really good meal. You Subways sandwiches for the shoot and take your cast and crew out to dinner as a "wrap" gift.

                  The "film" does not have to be big screen quality, they are looking for content and since they are streaming them over the net you really don't need a 3CCD setup. You can shoot the thing on your own home video camera (again, you can get a TV student to help, or even be the DP - you will probably have to provide the equipment).

                  Editing can be costly. I did a 4-1/2 minute short for iflim. Editing cost me about $500 for the day. What helped was doing a lot of editing in the camera and really planning out the shoot to get the most footage possible in the least amount of time. SHOOT A LOT OF INSERTS, these can help you forward the story, add character and help you cut away from previous action if needed. If you edit at a professional studio, they should have a library of music they have paid for that you can use as background. Or, if you have a freind with a band, ask them to help, a few riffs on a keyboard can work wonders.

                  Above all, have a story. For this particular contest think in terms of video games. Does the story you come up with lend itself in that direction? Can it be an episode of their existing game in some way?

                  I have a call into them as well. I'll let you know what I find out. I hope this helps. Best of luck and keep writing.



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                    Well, I suppose it is an aspiration of mine to actually be a filmmaker some time. That's why I hope to apply for admission into LA Film School as a transfer student next year.

                    Perhaps I'll need some help from my DD'er friends.


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                      Eternal Darkness

                      I too am participating in this contest. But not because I saw it in this thread. My submission was sent before the previous deadline was extended.

                      A bit of advice. If you don't have the means/drive to actually make the film you are proposing, then don't waste one of the spots by submitting said treatment.

                      Here's the rundown, yes, $2000 seed money will be given to each of the 10 finalists. However, Nintendo/Silicon Knights will not give this money to the filmmaker until the FINISHED film is submitted to them via 1/2 inch video tape. So, basically, you have to foot the entire production/post bill.

                      Secondly, you have to convince the contest review board that you can film and edit the picture within the budgetary and content restraints. I wouldn't be surprised if most submissions are ignored for failure to meet these concerns.

                      I'm glad to see some interest in this contest on the Done Deal boards. I welcome the competition, and wish you all well.


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                        Re: Eternal Darkness


                        Now I'm worried. Just how the hell am I going to make a film in Oklahoma??? Wait a minute -- HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO MAKE A FILM????

                        Well, if I'm not pissing my pants right now.


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                          "Just how the hell am I going to make a film in Oklahoma???"

                          The same way I am, I suppose. By cutting every corner.

                          My film requires only one actor, no dialogue, one exterior location, minimal production assistants, and will need simple folley work. I can probably shoot it using a rented DV cam, can use Digital Audio tape for the master ambient track, edit on a pc using a non linear editing program, and use Aftereffects for titles, credits, and color correcting/noise reduction. Music will not be important in my film, but I guess if it is integral to yours, you can contact The Oklahoma Gazette about local talent willing to donate their work for the cause.


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                            Re: ED.

                            I understood close to nothing of what you just said.


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                              Re: ED.

                              STORYBOARD EVERY SHOT.

                              gore will explain why that's helpful.