Horror Anthologies: 2 Questions



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  • Horror Anthologies: 2 Questions

    Think Twilight Zone the Movie, Asylum, Creepshow...

    Is this a tough spec to market?

    Is it easier or harder to sell than the average horror film?

    I have a third question, but I put it in the Films forum, and I bet fwuffy or TonyRob know the answer!

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    Sorry to say, but this is damned hard to market. Why - they typically start as a series of published stories first. I think the only exception was Dark Tales, but I could be wrong.

    I do come across postings time to time here and there around the net looking for short stories that would become anthologies, but I've never come across someone looking for a script of short stroies. Might want to dig around horror.net or inkwell classifieds