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    Please post the main beats of a 'character arc' here. Try to be serious. Or, if you can't try, at least try to try.

    (edited again )

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    JAWS, the shark

    --Jaws eats teenage girl. Enjoys sweet piece of ass.
    --Jaws eats little boy on raft. Feels mother's pain. Tear.
    --Jaws doesn't make out with Vicki Valencourt, because Jaws is a shark and she's a girl, and well, great white sharks are more apt to eat girls (see above) than make out with them, and besides, there's no Vicki Valencourt in Amity.
    --Jaws doublechecks Amity phonebook to make sure there's no Vicki Valencourt in Amity, because, frankly, she sounds delicious!
    --Jaws finds out about other shark getting caught, chuckles.
    --Jaws swims around alot dodging and evading capture by 3 men on a boat.
    --Jaws overhears "you're gonna need a bigger boat" line and chuckles.
    --Jaws gets tagged by harpoons. They sting, but are really just kids play.
    --Jaws attacks scientist guy in underwater cage, but damnit, he gets away.
    --Jaws decides to eat the boat first, then the crazy old captain, and then take aim at that darn do-gooder police chief who got slapped by the tasty boy-on-the-raft's mother.
    --Jaws recalls mother's pain. Tear.
    --Jaws accidentally swallows oxygen tank. Thinks: @#%$.
    --Jaws gets blown up by do-gooder police chief who fires a rifle into the accidentally-swallowed oxygen tank.


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      "--Jaws eats teenage girl. Enjoys sweet piece of ass."



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        :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

        Now THAT'S funny.


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          I'll say!

          I knew it was just a matter of time and then the posts would be deleted!

          Theeeeeyyyy'rrrree out of there.


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            Yeah, sorry it took me so long, Ric. Hated to disappoint. I was just at the gym and hadn't had a chance to read all the "brilliant" follow up comments.


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              No problem, Will!

              I'm sure you'll be deleting several more of my posts in the future. So, until next time...




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                LOL... well, as always not looking to spoil the fun just trying to do my best to moderate and meet as many "needs" as possible.

                I think this is an interesting topic for a thread thus I'm not looking to squelch that. I'm only trying to guide the "jokes" into the One on One area more.