Docufilm, Home Again'¦ and the elusive format'¦



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  • Docufilm, Home Again'¦ and the elusive format'¦

    Howdy gang…

    Okay… I'm putting this post in the wrong spot but this is where a majority of us hang out so I'm going to run it by you anyway. I've been going nuts trying to find out the format used in TV shows such as Home Again, Hometime, Docufilm, etc. I can't seem to find a transcript or example anywhere. I've got a pitch to do for a local station and (I'm sure I can wing it) I'd like to know the format for when I get to the outline and first draft. The reason I'm unsure is there must be a specific format to allow for interviews, etc. since the dialogue isn't predictable. I've already tried contacting the shows and they only have taped episodes and no transcripts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, amigos…


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    There are tv scripts floating online. I read an episode of some drama not too long ago (I think it was a drama?). Do a yahoo online search and see what you can find. - Charli


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      Most of those shows are written/edited after shot. Sounds weird but stop and think about it. Outlined yes scripted kind of defeats the purpose. Example Fear Factor has a writing team that actually watches footage then writes a script for the editor to follow, after shot.


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        All right... So, I guess that would mean that in order to format an example of the show for the station, I'd pretty much have to write of something that "might" occur and treat it as an actual show... Cool. I get on it.

        Thanks for the help.