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    Well I never thought it would happen to me, but it did. Just getting ready to send out query letters on a script set in the Age of Piracy when I saw Warner just bought Black Flag, you know a pirate script. What's worse is my logline was going to be way too close to the sold one's. Oh well, win some lose some. Anybody think I should still send it out and hope someone thinks, " if Warner is doing this we should be doing it too". Didn't think so, but thanks for reading anyway. Back to the drawing table. I just got a new idea, there's this galaxy far, far away and there are these Rebels and ...

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    I've heard other people on this board say that having two concepts are okay. They made two ASTEROID films one year.

    A company might buy yours and say, "Ahh, that Warner Bros. flick sucked, we'll make a better version of the same concept about pirates!".

    So, who knows? You might get lucky!


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      The Kid,
      Man, I can't tell you how many times I've written a treatment or synopsis, only to discover an identical movie is in production with Mel Gibson. I'd say it happens to me one out of three times at least. Take your news as good news though.

      First, that you wrote a script on subject matter someone bought means you may be thinking in the right direction. Or should we say "write" direction. Har, har. That's what my manager told me the first time it happened.

      Second, execution is everything. If your script is good and you currently have no representation, the script may be good enough to get you a manager or agent.

      Third, your "galaxy far, far away" thing is interesting; never heard that one. Probably wouldn't sell, though

      Bottom line: If your script is high calibre, then send it out.


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        Man, oh man! I forgot to mention the "execution" part. But, AliasMoze hit upon it.


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          Actually, if I were you, I'd start optioning it out with a vengeance right now. Tweak the logline a little bit, or maybe add a switch or something to the script, but now is the time to head this off... who knows, pirate movies could be the next trend.


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            don't dump the script. it could still make a very good writing sample for you and get you representation, if it's well written.

            parrallel development happens all the time. don't see this as a reason to take a desperate measure and option it off to the wrong people, as might be a tempting proposition at this point, to make a quick "sale".

            cheers and good luck.


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              I should add that there IS another pirate movie in development in addition to this one --CAPTAIN KIDD, at Disney with Ridley Scott attached to direct.

              Maybe pirates will become the next hot genre.


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                Pirates rule!!



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                  No Pirates!

                  A few months back I had a meeting with Doug Wick (GLADIATOR) and wasn't sure if he'd ever read my Indiana Jones In Swim Fins adventure script, so I pitched it to him. I got as far as describing the villains as "modern day pirates", then he cut me off - "No pirates! I don't want to read any more scripts with pirates!" So maybe there are LOTS of pirate scripts out there. I know that Frank Darabont wrote a new version of CAPTAIN BLOOD that hasn't gotten off the ground. My friend had a cruise ship-wormhole/time travel-pirate script that made the rounds a couple of years back.

                  Just goes to show you - nothing new under the sun.

                  Ideas come and go, but if your script is good, it's a sample forever.

                  - Bill (big Sabatini fan)


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                    Aw, what the heck, go ahead and pitch it. In fact, I've got a title for you:


                    Yo, ho, ho!


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                      Re: Pirates

                      How about an all black pirate movie:

                      Booty Call


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                        Re: Pirates

                        Or an all elderly cast pirate move called "The Pirates of Pince Nez".

                        Kid, I am sorry to hear about that. Happened to me on the first script I wrote also, even came out with a like title and everything.

                        Keep writing!!



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                          Re: Pirates

                          He re-wrote CAPTAIN BLOOD?!!!!!!!!!

                          Is nothing sacred?

                          In the name of Flynn, STOP THE REWRITE INSANITY!


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                            Re: Pirates

                            THE JOLLY ROGERING

                            16 SPECS ON A DEAD PROD'S CHEST

                            MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (of similar ideas)

                            TOO MUCH BLACK (beard)

                            Sorry to hear about this scenario, pal. It's happened to several writers I know.

                            I'd hoped to someday adapt 13 GHOSTS, but Beebe got there first...


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                              Re: Pirates

                              i think you should some day rewrite A.I..