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  • Writing For An Independent Company

    I got aksed to write a screenplay for a Director and Producer over in Sacramento ?
    But because i live in Australia does this pose worries ?
    Will my screenplay get taking advantage and he will not pay up?

    What are youre thoughts and opinions.

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    you won't be taken advantage of and write a script that you won't get paid for, simply because you won't write a script BEFORE they start paying you. if i understand you correctly and this director and producer want you to write a script for them, then if they are ethical, they will pay you commencement money up front, with more to come when you've finished a first draft, more with a second draft, and the rest with the polish, etc..

    do not under any circumstance write this script without a contract and some money up front.


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      Also, find out if they're WGA affiliated (my guess is that they might not be due to their location). This is an utterly fair question and no-one worth their salt will have a problem with you asking it.