Rewriting A Film Already Made.



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  • Rewriting A Film Already Made.

    Hello i have an idea to Rewrite a movie which has already been done ?

    Similar to Gone In 60 Seconds Redone Film.

    Should I Do this ?

    Write back

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    If you are doing this for practice, or to build a body of work, I don't see anything wrong with that, however, if you want to sell a spec script, be original.



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      I have a similar question. Specifically, I would like to write a WWII story, the majority of which would take place aboard the USS Indianapolis (remember Quint's story in Jaws? THAT USS Indianapolis). My problem is that there is already a 1991 film, mind you a TV movie, about the events ( Even if my story takes a different tack into the story, both films are going to end with the sinking of the ship and the days long shark attack on the survivors. Should I bother starting my research or should I drop this idea?


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        Be careful about doing rewrites of other films, etc. If you don't own the rights to the project/idea/story you cannot sell it. If it is just for a writing sample or practice no one will really care. But if you want to see it made into a film then securing the rights first is generally the smartest thing to do or just know you probably won't be able to do much with it otherwise.

        Baby N, not only is there a 1991 film but we've listed at least one sale here recently about the subject and I think there are at least one or two others already being considered or being worked on. To be honest, I wouldn't bother at this point. Hollywood's already working on this.


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          Thanks Will!


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            specs need to be showpieces that exhibit how good a writer you are and how original your ideas are. for that reason alone, i would say to not be involved with the rewriting or retelling of any story.