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    similar concerns about VO

    This is an area that I tussle with in my current piece as well. Thanks for all of the movie examples of how this aspect can be applied. Mine involves one current day man speaking to another, he tells of something that happened in the past. The visual becomes the scene of that past with the speaker's VO. Occasionally the two current day characters comment on the story that's being told which brings us into current time for a moment and then back into the past again. Twas trying to keep my piece underdirected as to keep it attractive. Hah! Good Luck


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      I like book end voice overs.


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        say again, over

        yaaah, so
        about the "book ends"?


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          Re: V.O./family

          eeek...i have a scene of a family eating dinner with a v.o....but it doesn't say "this is my family. my brother, what a pig." it's more something about the status of the family. the characters are introduced by their actions and dialogue, not by the v.o. still, is that such a classic no-no -- a v.o. over a family eating dinner -- that readers/agents will immediately flinch upon seeing it there?? the v.o. is something like, "my family had moved 12 times before i was born. they couldn't sit still for five minutes."