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    What do you think the scene is on Australian Screenwriting?
    I am a fellow Australian and think Screenwriting in Australia isnâ€TMt publicized enough in Australia.

    What do you think (Americans) of the Australian Screenwriting Scene.

    The only way to order stuff is through the United States etc you cannot get it in Australia as i have tried.

    So do you think we need to be publicized more here?
    What are youâ€TMre thoughts and opinions.

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    I think screenwriting is publicised enough, if you are interested in the craft there is enough happening. You just got to keep your ears and eyes open. Australia is not California so you are not going to get that level of interest here.

    There are several courses available in Australia. Embryo Films offers courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (check out their internet site, and there are a couple of American directors in town teaching screenwriting, as well as several adult education courses. I know there is tremendous interest from overseas to encourage Australian screenwriting. But as such I don't think there is a scene happening here. Just lots of people trying to learn the craft. And plenty of American interest.

    As for ordering stuff, there is a company that can obtain scripts in Sydney. Try

    I don't know where you live in Oz, but I have come across several producers and directors from the States working here in Sydney. There are several international films being made here at the moment, or about to be made and it seems that access to industry insiders is much easy than the US. A little advantage for us.

    Good luck


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      I can see youre point.

      Embryo Films has an online store now so i can order stuff such as Movie Magic 2000 which i have always wanted.