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  • Interesting Dilemma

    Okay, so I've got my best script currently under consideration by almost a dozen well-established management and production companies. And the entire third act deals with a terrorist takeover of the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island, complete with mayhem, death, and explosions. What to do? I don't even feel like I can follow up on it without appearing like an insensitive cad, nor even think about querying anyone else with it considering the story-line. Is my project doomed? Will Hollywood totally wash its hands of such material because of current circumstances? Or does it not even matter? Am I already an insensitive cad for even thinking of my script at a time like this? Because I don't mean to be. Opinions, please.

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    I was bitterly thinking yesterday that someone would be going through this and post something like this. Happened to be you. Then I thought that some Ron Bass bastard would go ahead and do it anyway, in addition to a score of DTV's knocking similar items out.

    But before you feel to "cadly", think about how the News Channels (aside from the BBC) have been shamelessly milking the "money shots" when they didn't have any victims to have crying for ratings. The caddish behaviour has already begun. It just isn't in script form.

    I think there's a difference between your allowing the script (that you sent out before this) to be considered and you "milking" anything. but I (personally) wouldn't send it out to anyone new until this Event has reached it's ultimate conclusion.


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      You are a victim of bad timing. When you start getting rejection notices indicating the subject matter of your script is not right for the temperment of the times, then consider your project doomed -- for now.

      Yes, believe it or not, these things do matter to Hollywood.


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        This from today's Variety:

        "For a couple of high-profile Hollywood pics, plotlines may now be too horribly close to the reality of Tuesday's tragic events. Warner Bros.' "Collateral Damage" may in fact become just that in the wake of the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil. Studio execs planned to meet today to discuss the now-problematic release of the terrorist-themed thriller. And Barry Sonnenfeld's comedy "Big Trouble," starring Tim Allen and Rene Russo, has been summarily pushed back from its Sept. 21 release. The Touchstone pic centers around a mysterious suitcase, which turns out to be a bomb that ends up on a plane."

        In addition, Odeon theatres have pulled all prints of "Swordfish" from their screens.


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          Hollywood and Terrorism

          Well, something to note anyhow...

          Terrorism and Hollywood aren't mixing well as of today.

          The new Arnold flick which deals with terrorism has had it's release date set back to December.

          The Law and Order miniseries that deals with terrorism has been put on hold.

          The new tv shows "The Agency" and "Alias" that are about to come out that deal with the CIA and terrorism have been put on hold as well.

          You might want to shelve the script for a while, it doesn't look like Hollywood will be actively interested in scenes of terrorism for a bit now.



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            Re: Hollywood and Terrorism

            Any word on "Spiderman"? The preview shows the bad guys' helicopter being caught in a spiderweb spun between the twin towers of the WTC.


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              Acts of war will always rattle men, war is a terrible thing, and I personally do not consider these acts in New york to be considered anything but acts of war!
              Terrorism has a different operating mode than what has happened there. Targetting a nations commerce hub and defense center are serious indeed. World war two officially started when a cruise ship was bombed and sunk, makes one think.

              I don't think anyone is looking to exploit, after all we are all americans here, well at least here in california. It's a very touchy subject and will be for quite awhile. I mean even stories about Pearl harbor are hard to approach, it is so personally painfull, and what happened yesterday equals if not surpasses.

              People naturally nervous after massive trauma.


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                I heard the above on LA news radio. They mentioned the SpiderMan movie, the scene with the WTC was for the trailer only and does not appear in the movie.


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                  Re: Spidey

                  The Spiderman trailer has been removed from the official website and pulled from theatres. I can only imagine that the scene will be changed in the film. Digital technology may also be used to remove images of the trade center during establishment and wide shots.

                  In an interesting side note, the upcoming DVD special edition release "Escape from New York" which features Kurt Russel searching for the president after terrorists hijack air force one and crash it into the WTC, may be put on hold indefinitely.


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                    Dear Muck,

                    I know you must have worked really hard. At least you can feel confident that your script was good enough to create all that positive attention from agencies, etc. and you'll do it again.
                    You must be good--keep writing!



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                      The Horror of Holywood

                      You know...maybe I'm just a total cad myself, being a youngin. I can see how certain things would be pulled, and how public taste for terrorism would be nil, but I think everyone's panicking a little too much.

                      As for your script, man, that sucks. But it is extremely bad timing. Extremely. If I were you, I'd pull it and keep it on the shelves for a couple of years before optioning it out again. At least now you have a name - use it to create something people will have more of a taste for.

                      I've been trying to figure out what this will cause as far as movie tastes are concerned. What will people be willing to go see? I think comedies'll go up, but then there's Big Trouble.

                      It's up to you to figure out. Just stay away from terrorism. I must admit though, that I am a cad, because despite the huge tragedy, my creative imagination was in hardcore overdrive.

                      I still can't believe that happened. Man...


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                        Re: The Horror of Holywood

                        I would move on Muck. The US will not recover from this act any time soon. Terrorism, which was once just a story concept for our entertainment, is now a reality in our country. As far as the news services, they are simply reporting what is happening. They are providing the nation with up to date information. It only seems "cadly" if you sit glued to it non stop. Most of the country was influx between work and what not during the day, so they have only had the opportunity to see what was happening during a limited time period. Ratings are imaterial, this is not a sweeps period so no advertising rates are set. The news services are simply trying to provide every american access to the events.


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                          Re: The Horror of Holywood

                          If events like these continue the horror genre will likely also take a nose dive.

                          Whats to become of all the Tom Clancy adaptions?


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                            Re: The Horror of Holywood

                            Hollywood has been guilty of treating terrorism as a form of entertainment, that happens in movies and not in real life, that happens to other people, not America, that always gets foiled by the hero with a few seconds to spare.

                            Perhaps we'll start getting a few more throughtful examinations of why people kill, what removes them from reality so that they'll destroy.

                            As a personal aside, I wish I was a better person, but I hope when those responsible for these terrible acts of terrorism and mass murder are identified, they are nuked. They have forfeited all rights to be treated as human beings.


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                              Re: The Horror of Holywood

                              Theres nothing wrong with making entertainment out of terrorism. It just wouldn't be in best taste right now.