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    Hello everybody...

    I was just wondering what you guys thought the best site for viewing scripts and screenplays is...

    I am working on my script and I need to look at some scripts to see the different format styles and see which would suit me the best.

    Thanks for all your help everybody!


    (sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this topic in)

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    There is no "best site" for scripts. IMO.

    There's going through all the script sites for the ones that were bought/produced that correspond to what you, yourself, want to sell.

    Drew's is one. There are others.


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      Buy scripts from that site, hold them in your hands, see where the acts end, the antagonist is introduced the outter and inner conflict is specified in occordance with the page count. You cant do that with most digital scripts unless you print them out. Plus, you'll almost invariably want a script thats just not available on ANY site in which case you'll HAVE TO buy them. So, just save yourself the trouble and go there.

      If your short on cash, dont mind the poor selection and have the patience to wait for a hundred plus pages to print... is better than Drews.

      And remember that just because you see a professional do somthing doesn't mean you can.


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        My favorites are and

        edited to correct the links


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          Thanks to everyone that responded to my question. It has helped me compare different styles and formats. Thank you.