Difference between WGA west & east?



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  • Difference between WGA west & east?

    This may sound dumb, but what is the difference? I noticed that you can register your script online with the WGA east, but not with the west. I'm in California - must I register it with the wga west because of my location? Are there any down sides to online registration?


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    I registerd with the East online and they sent me my receipt in no time flat. Far as I know, the registration covers both coasts. However, if in any doubt, you can actually e-mail them with the question (I received a reply to an e-mail in under 24 hours).


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      Re: eastvswest

      I think what our cheese loving friend is trying to say is, you register with the WGA West if you live west of the Mississippi, and WGA East if you live east of the mighty river. I don't think you can register with the East if you live in the West.


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        Re: eastvswest

        I live in the West, registered online via the East site, and was told it still counts; maybe they just wanted the fee, but...


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          East? West?

          I live in East and registered at the Guild West. I received my certs. within a week. I've found the turnaround via snail mail is more lengthy with the Guild east. I've yet to try on line registration.

          My understanding is that either one works.


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            Re: East? West?

            It's a political split that goes way, way back and doesn't make much sense anymore. There's long been talk of merging the Guilds but there are bureaucrats who might lose their jobs and people in the east (especially folks like newswriters and such) who fear their issues will be over-run by the Hollywood clan.

            You can register scripts with either guild. If you join and are living/working on the east coast, I believe the initiation fee is less and you can then switch your membership to the west branch if you move.

            But, bottom line, it's like SAG and AFTRA, both branches do pretty much the same thing and they should be merged.


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              Thanks for all the replies everyone!

              I e-mailed WGA east and received this response:

              Doesn't make no difference wether you register in West or East we are affiliated with West. Its just we have diff database. Advantage / Disadvantage - West protects your material for 5 years for $20.00 (payable by cash/check/credit cards). While East is for 10years protected for $22.00 (payable ONLY by Money Order/Visa/MasterCard). If you need further assistance feel free to contact me at the Guild at (212) 767-7800.
              Lizette Ballesteros, Registrar

              Marie Lizette Ballesteros
              Writers Guild of America, East


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                Yup, that was the same person I corresponded with.

                Makes a writer feel good to get such a fast honest reply, don't it?

                THANKS MARIE!


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                  The WGAw is working to establish their own on-line registration system. It is allegedly close, but not yet up and running.


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                    WGA requires that scripts being registered be unbound, loose copies.

                    Should they be three-hole punched?:rolleyes :rollin

                    Is Courier New okay to use in case of on-line registration?:eek



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                      WGA registration

                      As the Guild won't accept a bound script and the things just go into a sealed envelope anyway, you can register a non-punched script. I also see no reason why the font would matter. Should bad things happen down the line and the need arise for your screenplay to be compared to another, both would be unsealed and actually read for content, not necessarily page count, font, format, etc.


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                        Wouldn't it be easier for you to get a Mastercard/Visa, log-on to WGAEast, and register your script online?


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                          i was j(ust)/k(iddin), my friends.