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    Re: Injecting heart and likeability

    Originally posted by Mac H. View Post
    When they are a character in a film - murderers and criminals can be incredibly likeable.

    Look at 'Mr & Mrs Smith' . The two main characters were incredibly likeable ... despite the fact they were both murderers .. serial killers who murdered for money.

    But in the world of the film they were incredibly likeable.

    Leon from The Proffesional is a great example of this.


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      Re: Injecting heart and likeability

      Often killers and criminals are made likeable by making their victims total scum. Also, giving the criminal-protagonist some redeeming traits. Sometimes I think this is cheating, but when I've watched a film where the main character didn't have any redeeming trait -sorry to repeat, I just don't know other way to describe it-, 9 out of 10 times I was very annoyed and didn't like the film. So I guess things that work as an idea don't necessarily work in practice.

      In Dexter, for instance, he kills murderers who are worse than him because they kill innocent people. And we see that Dexter cares about his sister, Rita and the children, while we don't really see his victims as real people often. At the beginning of... season 3 or 4? Dexter goes into a house looking for his next victim but instead is attacked by some random guy who Dexter has to kill in self-defense. Soon afterwards we learn Random Guy wasn't really a stand up citizen and Dexter seems free of any sort of guilt. Wouldn't it be really interesting if Dexter killed someone completely innocent and had to deal with it? I think it would, but I don't know that it really fits the tone of the show and, more importantly, I don't know that the audience would still enjoy watching the show. It could be done, probably.