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  • non-English language in script / movie

    Hi there,

    As I'm halfway through my script about the Boer War, I thought about how good it would be to let my Boers actually speak their native language (means, the today's equivalent Afrikaans. I know it didn't exist then, but... ). It would make MANY things easier to write. For instance I would not have to rack my brain how they identify the British soldiers not yet in visual range simply by hearing their voices. And so on. It would be more authentic and have more impact in many scenes where I have both sides interacting.

    But well... that would mean 3/4 of the cast, and I have really a lot of people in this big drama, would have to be Afrikaans speakers. There have to be subtitles all along.

    I don't know if that would by the death sentence for the whole thing, even if they could find enough actors/actresses with the required language skills (in addition to some reenactment troops^^)

    What do you think? In a former script, I let people talk in Pashtun and Russian, but not so many people and for that an extent of the script....Besides, it is not sold either...

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    Re: non-English language in script / movie

    Are you going to be shopping this around Hollywood? If so then just have the Boers speak English. Hollywood was never overly concerned when it came to languages: just look at the WW2 movies where the Germans speak English.


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      Re: non-English language in script / movie

      I'll try it in South Africa. Don't know though, if their budget is enough.