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    Re: Speeling mistokes & Typos?

    Originally posted by SuperScribe View Post
    I read a buddy's script a while back and gave him notes on it. One of my first bits of praise was that I didn't spot a typo anywhere in the damned thing. I was so overwhelmed I went on for a paragraph about how exciting it was to read such a clean script. I gushed. I praised. I probably made a bit of a mess in my pants.

    And then a week later he told me that another friend had found three typos in the script.

    I was devastated.

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      Re: Speeling mistokes & Typos?

      Originally posted by Ire View Post

      Honestly, though, the point I was trying to make was that my buddy's script was so friggin' dope that I didn't notice a few typos.

      Oh, yeah, did I mention that his script was dope?

      It was.


      Pfffffft. Last thing on my friggin' mind.

      Unfortunately, my typo-less script (which I mentioned earlier in this thread) was merely typo-less. It was about as far from dope as is possible. But, hey, it was an easy read!


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        Re: Speeling mistokes & Typos?

        gooming is writing the writing ( play, script, novel,what ever), not the first draft


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          Re: Speeling mistokes & Typos?

          Originally posted by nmstevens View Post
          You see, this simply demonstrates my fundamental immaturity.

          Because when confronted with anything that lets me type something in at random and have it played back by an attractive woman's voice, I can't resist typing in, "Hey, you look like a heaping mountain of cottage cheese stuffed into a sock." and then running it down through all the various voices -- Caitlin in her Irish English, Heather in her Scottish English, Jess in her Northern English -- and just finding it hilariously funny every time.

          Which goes to show that it just doesn't take much to make me laugh.

          Me either. When I first got my iPhone, I wasted a ton of time on Siri haha.
          But with such great voices, all my dialog and action sounded good, so I had to quit using Caitlin and stick to the robot voices. It's a great way to proof for sure.


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            Re: Speeling mistokes & Typos?

            Originally posted by kenp View Post
            Again, let's agree to disagree.

            Sounds like you can't be bothered about error(s) like that.

            To each his own.

            No one is saying errors or typos should be "accepted", just that they are a fact of life. Even NASA for their most critical components will have a predicted failure rate. No component is ever going to be perfect, and lives depend on them!

            A writer should make every reasonable effort to ensure his script is free from typos, spelling mistakes etc, just as the script should be free from plot holes and factual errors.

            But once you've proofread it a few times and got a couple of friends to check it then spending further time will be wasted. Any errors remaining will almost certainly be minor and probably not noticed by a reader, and if they do notice, so what? No one will throw out a great script because the writer used its for it's on page 73 just as movie goers will not storm out of a movie and demand their money back because the lead actresses hair changed from behind her ear to loose in a scene.

            Give me a link to any produced script online and I'll find some errors. Perfect script? I doubt there is one. At random I opened The Godfather and found a question that ended with a full stop, not a question mark, on page two.

            In the time you could spend proofreading a script over and over you could be half way through your next script. I know which one is better use of your time.
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              Re: Speeling mistokes & Typos?

              Me too - that's why I finish 2-3 specs per year.