Sleeplessness Overdone?



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    Re: Sleeplessness Overdone?

    I remember not liking Insomnia...

    Anyway, I'm kind of liking my short. I don't have the main character's conflict entirely fleshed out but I've written the first few pages if anyone wants something to read...


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      Re: Sleeplessness Overdone?

      The overriding principle should be subjectivity. Try to tell the story in a way (structure and style) that captures the world the way the character sees it. Nolan did this in Insomnia and in Memento. But there are zillions of movies that have used a subjective POV or perspective in some way beyond the literal "seeing through the eyes of protagonist" like Lady in the Lake.

      Repulsion, Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge (Sixth Sense inspiration) where the style foreshadows that it's a dream, Amarcord, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to some degree, elements in German Expressionism (think nosferatu and M), Open your Eyes, What Dreams may come, Copy Cat, Inception (but the white coat killers were a bit generic to me) ...

      There are a million more films...just a few off the top of my head....

      Good luck.


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        Re: Sleeplessness Overdone?

        Originally posted by ctp View Post
        I had an idea for a short that, at this point, includes a character having extreme trouble sleeping. Overdone?
        If your character starts with insomnia and at the end is able to sleep, then it's a kind of flaw.
        So if you think sleeplessness is overdone, swap it with another flaw.

        Which is different from awakening - where your character starts asleep (cannot see) and ends up awake (can see).
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