How do you make your stories "flow"?



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    Re: How do you make your stories "flow"?

    Originally posted by Liv96 View Post
    Interesting. I'll try this out with my sister (if she can tolerate listening to more of my stories!)
    Perhaps it would be better to record yourself reading one or more of your storylines, or your outline, or your synopsis from this screenplay in question.

    A digital recorder is inexpensive these days and requires little more than batteries and (definitely) a headphone/earpiece.

    Once you get past the sound of your master's voice, you'll hear which of the storylines is strongest, and perhaps even hear which of the other storylines would best support the strongest one.

    Keep your notepad and pencil handy while listening to playback of yourself in case your brain brews up stormy weather.
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      Re: How do you make your stories "flow"?

      Wow! Thank you so much everyone. For the time being though, I've decided to let this script rest a bit, and instead work on a more linear idea. As it turns out, I wasn't intentionally trying to write a multi-plot ensemble piece (all it was were several large events happening to one character with no main centerpiece). When I do approach the script again though, I'm going to try to fit it to a structure more like crash

      Thanks again guys