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  • Voices...

    When it comes to characters in my scripts, once in a great while, I will hear the voice of a particular actor, and I will lock on that voice as I write the dialogue. In a recent script I had Jack Nicholson's voice inside my head and wrote that character's dialogue. I knew I had the same chance at winning Powerball as getting the script produced and then winning Powerball twice as having Mr. Nicholson play that character, but I still went with his voice.

    So just to be clear:

    I'm not asking for approval/disapproval/validation with this post. I realize all the caveats, all the negatives of writing like this. So I'm not looking for opinions as much as sharing a "writer's" experience.

    All of the caveats aside...

    I'm just wondering if anyone has had this phenomena occur with any frequency?

    I have been thinking Forest Whitaker's voice for all of the characters in my current script... The Importance of Being Forest Whitaker.

    This thread was not set up for that attempt at humor, but seriously is there an actor out there who oozes more earnestness than Forest?
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    Re: Voices...

    I'd love to do a film with Forest, Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones, playing poker. Just two hours of that.

    Anyway - there are two things here. Having a specific voice in your head when you write dialogue, and having a specific actor that you want to play that part. I often write with a very clear idea of a real person for each character - sometimes an actor, sometimes a person from my life, sometimes a random person from a news report who stuck in my head because of the way they tilted their head when they talked. It's just a nice anchor to have, a simple way of helping characters seem different on the page.

    As for writing a voice for a particular actor, thinking that actor could play the part... I don't think it's a bad idea, necessarily. I mean, you watch Silence of the Lambs and think only Anthony Hopkins could deliver those lines. Then you see Manhunter and realise, oh, actually Brian Cox could do it too. As with 99% of these things, if it helps get you to page 120...
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      Re: Voices...

      I sometimes find it very helpful to have an actor in mind when I write a character - although I then try to forget that later in the process.


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        Re: Voices...

        I tend to write with a particular characterization in mind. For example, Brad Pitt as Rusty in "Ocean's Eleven". Then, if I need a different voice, I don't change actors but characters. If Rusty is too loose/funny, maybe Deniro's thief in "The Score" or Farina's Cousin Avi in "Snatch". Ok, yes, it is changing actors, but in a much more specific sense.
        If I focus on Brad Pitt, I end up putting his characters where they don't belong.

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